R-Wipe&Clean 8.7 (Build 1577)

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R-Wipe&Clean 8.7 (Build 1577)

Post by R-tt Team » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:42 pm

New version of R-Wipe&Clean 8.7 is available for download

New features:
+ Windows 7 RC support.
+ Support for the new versions of browsers and toolbars.
+ New applications are added into Application Traces.
+ Support is added for cleaning of Vista-specific Indexing Traces: Databases, Database Log Files, Document Identifiers Map, Gathering Log Files, History Hash Map, Indexing Files, Properties Map, Reserved Transaction Log Files, Security Store, Stream Log Files, Temporary Files
+ New items System Repair Log Files and Encrypted Installer Engine Log Files are added to the Auxiliary Temporary Files tab of the System section.
+ An item Winlogon Log Files is added to the Security Management Traces tab of the System section.
+ An item Terminal Services Update Log Files is added to the Setup Log Files tab of the System section.
+ An item InPrivate Filtering Saved Addresses is added to the Internet (IE) section. The item appears when Internet Explorer 8.0 and above is installed.

* Opera 10.0: display and cleaning of all items are improved.
* Flock 2.5.2: History cleaning is improved, toolbars are now supported.
* Safari 4.0.3: History and Downloads are better displayed.
* Google Chrome Boss Key and Scheduler (task start upon closing the browser) are better implemented.
* MSN Toolbar (IE) and Windows Live Toolbar 14.0: cleaning is improved.
* 64-bit system support improvements. Examples are: Wipe Lists in the Wow6432Node item are improved to correctly display and clean files and folders in the System32 folder, and keys/values in Registry affecting x86 applications; Display and cleaning of items are improved in the System Registry Traces and Auxiliary Temporary Files tabs of the System section.
* Filling and cleaning are improved for the Security Management Traces and System Setup Log Files tabs of the System section.
* Filling is improved for the Windows Update Logs tab of the System section.

- A rare bug is corrected which might appear when the MFU Registry Traces tab of the User section was filling
- A rare bug appearing on Vista and above is corrected when Favorite Cookies might disappear.
- Sometimes R-Wipe & Clean might crash when Temporary Internet Files or Cookies in Internet Explorer were being wiped on Vista. This bug is fixed.
- Sometimes R-Wipe & Clean might crash when some item in the System section was deleted from a task started by Scheduler when file wiping was selected. This bug is fixed.

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