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image transfer

Post by jaqky » Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:37 pm

trying out your product
i have made an image of c:/ to F:/ an outside drive.I have two identical drives C: and H: (H is formatted). I want to restore the image on F: to H; which then will be identical to C:When I go image object selection page there is image F:\x.arc then a line size hard drive C size NTFS local disk
1) same as above line C size of disk NTFS
2) H size NTFS
3 )F size etc. I have to click on the line which is below the F:\x.arc then click on the destination H line and the next box is highlighted so I clik on that. A box comes up sayng I have selected disk(s) etc. I press OK Restore/Copy page opens up
The source media is my internal hard drive (NOT the F:x.arc ) IS THIS correct ???
and Target media is hard drive , ATA@0:1
This is not easy for making decisions would like to know if steps are correct

would it not be easier to have a page saying restoring image from F:x.arc to H: in my case.
Thanks if I receive any help in making a clone of my C drive :

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Re: image transfer

Post by Alt » Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:09 am

On the Image Object Selection panel, you need to select the following:
Image: C:

Destination: H:

The last panel (Processing) should say:
Restore from an Image
Image File: F:\x.arc
Objects: C: <its label> => H: <its label>

Please note that there is an object inside the image file, it's C:, because you made an image of it.
You also should be very careful on which disk your system will use as the system one if you re-start your system with two identical disks.

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