My disk must have crashed - damaged

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My disk must have crashed - damaged

Post by Davar » Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:47 am

Drive froze up, and it vanished from Windows. I disconnected and stored it for a while, and then decided to see if R-Studio could help me. I was happy to see that when I re-installed the drive, (and aborted the chkdisk) that it did show up. But when I run R-studio to recover the files, it seems that it may or may not get through a file before it gets a CRC error. I hear the drive retrying and retrying. I tried to "Stop" the operation, but it doesn't seem to stop and just keeps reporting the 10 CRC errors (with a slightly advanced position by 512). I finally terminated the process, and looked at the file and I was able to get the first bit of it, but then .. nothing.
If I let it keep going, eventually the drive quits, or Windows thinks there are too many errors or something and the drive completely vanishes, and R-studio begins to pump out a ton of "device not present" or something like that errors.

No way to build an image, because of the disconnection issue.

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Re: My disk must have crashed - damaged

Post by Alt » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:14 am

This is a hardware problem - apparently your hard drive is dying. STOP DOING ANYTHING WITH IT! And rush it to qualified data recovery professionals. They have a special equipment to work with such dying hard drives. R-Studio is not a help for you now. Moreover, tampering with such drives surely cases them to die making data recovery much harder and costly, or completely impossible. So don't ever think of disassembling the device and trying to fix it by yourself.
Well, data recovery specialists are not cheap, but they are the only solution for you right now.

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