R-Drive Image 4.7 build 4735

Disk backup and restore, partition imaging and cloning, and drive copy using R-Drive Image.
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R-Drive Image 4.7 build 4735

Post by R-tt Team » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:10 am

R-Drive Image v4.7 build 4733
New features:
+ New disk object descriptors are introduced into the -s and -d script parameters. These descriptors allow R-Drive Image to use more disk characteristics, like disk serial number, name, and capacity, and alike to identify disk objects. Previously, only disk and partition number were used which might confuse R-Drive Image when a disk configuration of the computer has been changed.
+ The "Сheck the image file immediately upon its creation" option is added to the startup version.
+ A new option"Also apply the settings before creating a new image" is added to the backup set parameters. If this option is selected, the settings will be applied twice, before and after a new image  file has been created. For example, if the number of files is set  to 2, and there are 2 files already, one file will be deleted before a new image file will be created. This may be necessary if there's not enough space for 3 image files.

* Free disk space is re-evaluated when the Refresh button is clicked.
* Driver loading is improved. Disabled drivers now are turned on and then loaded. Previously, disabled drivers might not loaded.
* A new kernel is in the startup version.

- Total progress bar might move erratically during backup and check image. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might incorrectly determine hard disk layout upon clicking the Refresh button when it had been changed externally. (A new partition had been created in the Disk manager, for example.) Fixed.
- The disk letter of the last restored partition on the disk might not appear. Fixed.