Have lost ALL my files, help please.

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Have lost ALL my files, help please.

Post by Guest » Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:29 am

Yesterday i installed a program (Sony Vegas) on my computer, i installed it to a specific folder where i keep all my personal files, a folder which contains over 150gbs worth of files and docs. When i installed Sony Vegas to that folder, it installed in a funny way, all the program's files were spread out across the folder, so i decided uninstall Sony Vegas. When uninstalled, i went to open my folder but could no longer locate it, so i did system restore and the folder was back, but with nothing inside, all the files were gone except for empty folders here and there.

Do i have any chance of recovering my files? I desperately need them back, i have had that folder for almost 10 years now, and it is full of memories, video files, documents etc. I just need them back.

I have the full version of R-Studio but have not used it before, can anyone instruct me on how to search for the missing files? I read a post on another forum that made the point that i must not use the computer i lost the files on, for the reason that the longer that computer is in use, the less chance there is of me recovering my files, so i have not had it on since i lost the files. Currently i am using my laptop. The program was not a virus, for that i am 100% sure, as i have it installed on this laptop for nearly a year now and i constantly scan my computers for viruses.

Can anyone please help? All help much appreciated.


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Re: Have lost ALL my files, help please.

Post by Alt » Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:32 am

Our on-line help should help you: Basic File Recovery.
I recommend you to get the disk out of your computer and attach it to your laptop via a USB-IDE/SATA adapter or box, and recover the files from your laptop. If this is too hard, you may use the startup version of R-Studio. The article Emergency File Recovery Using R-Studio Emergency explains how. Your case is File Recovery from the Existing Logical Disk/Partition (the first one).

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