R-Studio for Mac: version history

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R-Studio for Mac: version history

Post by Alt » Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:02 pm

Part 1
R-Studio for Mac 7.1.191047 Fri Sep 16, 2022
New features:
The following items have been added:
+ A new command Close All Images to close all opened images.
+ Support for the XFS file system;
+ Support for Intel Software RAIDs;
+ Data wiping for drives.

Additionally for the Technician versions:
+ Runtime imaging for individual folders/files;
+ Imaging of drive's file system (FS map) only;
+ Drive and file maps for all supported devices;
+ Drive imaging to a physical drive rather than to an image file;
+ New file hash functions sha1 and sha256 to forensic logs.

* Discovery of symlink targets has been improved.
* Info about multi-pass imaging phases has been added to the log.
* A new option Check sectors status has been added to the Recheck Recovery Chances dialog box.
* Estimation of recovery chances has been improved.
* The ISO image file type has been added to the File Types list.
* During execution of the Complete runtime image, I/O Monitor now shows the read speed of the disk rather than read/write speed.
* File System error message codes are expanded for deletion/move errors.

The Technician version
* Post Actions (Shut down the computer on task completion & E-mail options) have been added to the Options window.

= The default system info file names have been changed to R-Studio-SystemInfo-yyyy-MM-dd.
= The I/O Options button has been renamed to the Options button.

The Technician version
= The Forensic Log Settings dialog box has been moved to the Forensic Log Settings tab on the Recover dialog box.

- R-Studio may have processed huge ext4fs file systems for too long time. Fixed.
- It was impossible to stop disk actions with malfunctioning disks. Fixed.
- Not all information was copied from the Get Info window. Fixed.
- The Files and Folders checkboxes were disabled by default on the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- File search and mask returned incorrect results for the Modification date. Fixed.
- The Yes to All and No to All buttons appeared on the Save scan info dialog box even when only one tab was opened. Fixed.
- Missing disks added to Virtual Volume Set or Virtual Mirror couldn't be edit correctly. Fixed.
- Some partition and drive actions could be performed during disk operations like disk scan, RAID consistency check, and so on. Fixed.
- No progress bar was shown during manual update. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen while executing the Recover All Files command. Fixed.
- File sorting may have changed to default (Real file system) when the Show Files command was executed for an already opened tab, or the tab was moved, etc. Fixed.
- Child objects of a wiped drive/partition were not automatically deleted from the Device view pane. Fixed.
- Sometimes, R-Studio may have crashed on close. Fixed.
- The Close All command appeared in the Partition tab shortcut menu even only one tab was opened. Fixed.
- Questionable folders may have disappeared in the panels after Rescan Folder. Fixed.
- Existing zero-sized files had the green mark for recovery chances. Fixed.
- The Preview command was active in the Find Results panel for zero-sized files. Fixed.
- A negative offset may have been entered into the I/O Monitor field. Fixed.
- An image of a password-protected APFS container could not be opened even with the correct password. Fixed.
- File marking results may have been different for different time formats. Fixed.
- The information in the Disk Properties tab was updated incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when the byte-to-byte imaging was selected in a system with only one disk. Fixed.
- Masked marked files were incorrectly counted. Fixed.
- Tabs may have closed without a due warning. Fixed.
- Deleted files were not marked with the red cross in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked button may have been inactive after marking files using the Find/Mark dialog box and when the Skip files with bad sectors option is selected on the Recover dialog box. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked shortcut menu item and button remained inactive when a file was marked for recovery in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- When there was not enough room for a large file and a new destination was assigned, the leftover of the file left in the first place. Fixed.
- Recovery froze and could not be resumed if a file name and path appeared too long. Fixed.
- Recovery froze from the Extensions tab when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were selected on the Recovery dialog box. Fixed.
- It was possible to perform many Drag&Drop operations while performing various drive tasks. Fixed.
- The OK button was active when the Password field was empty on the Enter the password dialog box. Fixed.
- Data on virtual block RAIDs with disks with bad sectors may have read too slowly. Fixed.
- An RDR-type image could not be correctly removed from a virtual RAID. Fixed.
- RAID-connected tabs didn't close when the RAID parameters were altered. Fixed.
- A Virtual Block RAID object may have frozen when another RAID parent was added. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic, wrong messages, and localization bugs have been fixed.

The Technician version
- The Map of file command was active in the left pane of the R-Studio's panel. Fixed.
- It was impossible to disable all additional phases for multi-pass imaging in order to enable only the main one. Fixed.
- R-Studio performed Slow areas and Retrying phases of multi-pass imaging even when when they were disabled. Fixed.
- R-Studio threw a Corrupt data error message for ddrescue map files larger than 64kB. Fixed.
- It was impossible to perform sector map operations for incomplete images. Fixed.
- R-Studio Technician for Mac/Linux couldn't be re-registered into the T80+ version. Fixed
- Multi-pass images with several takes were created incorrectly if the Perform reading in reverse order if possible option was selected. Fixed.
- I/O Monitor showed read speed incorrectly. Fixed.
- A sector map file was being written not as often as necessary while completing runtime imaging. Fixed.

Text/hexadecimal editor
- The Hexadecimal editor didn't close an opened disk when disk wiping started. Fixed.
- The content of the UNICODE and UNICODE+ columns may have merged. These columns could not be resized. Fixed.
- An unnecessary inquiry about overwriting a file after executing the Tools - Save to Binary File... or Save to Hexadecimal file command may have appeared. Fixed.
- The Find previous command and reverse search may have executed incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Select From/To procedure didn't work correctly with the Search command.
- The search command may have been executed incorrectly when the Not equal option was enabled. Fixed.
- The Append command may have been executed incorrectly. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 7.0.7009 Wed Mar 30, 2022
New features:
+ Several disk objects can be opened in one tab. All these objects can be simultaneously searched for files, their files can be marked and recovered.
+ Drive imaging can be interrupted and then resumed. When the user stops an imaging process, they have two options: to discard an already created partial image file or to save it to resume drive imaging later. Created partial images can be loaded, too.
+ Some extended options have been added to the drive operation progress windows. They can be altered on-the-fly.
+ File types can be searched for on the Known File Types dialog box.
+ Support for the VMDK virtual disk format (open: all version, creation: Technician).
+ Support for the ReFS 3.7 file system (Windows Server 2022).

R-Studio Technician:
+ A new license type T80+. R-Studio T80+ is equal in its features to full-fledged R-Studio Technician, runs for a certain period of time, and during its validity period can be upgraded to R-Studio Technician for the initial price difference. The license price of 1 USD per day is very affordable for small businesses, computer repair shops, and individual data recovery contractors.
+ R-Studio Technician is now available on our public web pages and can be tested in the Demo mode.
+ Runtime imaging. R-Studio creates drive images in parallel with other drive reading operations. Next time when R-Studio accesses data from imaged drive areas it gets the data from the runtime image.
+ Multi-pass imaging. Images from problematic drives can be created through several phases reading data from good areas first and from bad and slow areas later. Such approach allows for extracting maximum possible amount of data even from quite faulty drives.
+ Support for sector maps, both in the R-Studio's format and in the third-party software ddrescue and HDDSuperClone formats.
+ I/O Monitor allows the user to inspect read/write operations in real time.

* Support for APFS sealed volumes created by macOS Big Sur and later.
* R-Studio warns the user when an APFS disk is hardware encrypted or its decryption is possible only by using the iCloud account.
* File system recognition has been improved for scanned APFS file system.
* Processing of encrypted APFS partitions has been improved.
* Support for macOS file vault has been improved.
* Processing of the .Trash folder has been improved for macOS file systems.
* Read/write operations have been greatly accelerated for block RAIDs with small block sizes. E.g., the read speed for a 512b block has been increased from 5MB/sec to 100MB/sec.
* Read operations has been accelerated for block RAIDs by paralleling I/O operations for parent disks. E.g.,the read speed for a 3HD RAID5 has been increased from 100MB/sec to 190MB/sec.
* When a user opens an already opened partition it brings the user to the corresponding tab.
* Option processing for the Find/Mark dialog box has been improved.
* R-Studio shows now S.M.A.R.T. attributes for NVME SSD devices.
* Detection of S.M.A.R.T. attributes have been improved for new hard drive models.
* Detection of Disk identity parameters (Vendor name, Product name, Firmware version, Serial number) has been improved.
* Symlink processing has been improved, including the Mark all and Unmark all commands.
* Execution of the Save All File Names / Load File Names commands has been accelerated.
* File type icons have been added to the Find Results (Find All Files) panel.
* Message display in the Log View panels has been improved.
* Recheck Recovery Chances has been improved.
* A warning message appears when the user tries to close tabs with open disks/partitions.
* The recovered part of a file will remain when the recovery process has been interrupted.

- The rdr image for an APFS container couldn't be parsed automatically and required refreshing. Fixed.
- An empty string appeared in the Drive type field in the Properties tab for an APFS volume. Fixed. R-Studio shows the "APFS Volume" string now.
- R-Studio may have crashed while enumerating files on APFS file systems. Fixed.
- Metadata FS snapshot for a recognized APFS file system could not be saved. Fixed.
- When the recover options Restore folder structure and Restore from root were selected, the original Modified and Accessed timestamps were changed to the time of file recovery. Fixed.
- Symlinked folders remained marked when their target were unmarked. Fixed.
- Files from symlinked folders may have recovered to incorrect places. Fixed.
- The Advanced Scan dialog box may have shown the Scan area parameter incorrectly after second clicks on the Advanced button. Fixed.
- Strings on Properties panel were selected incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Find/Mark dialog box could not show all opened partitions correctly when they were many. Fixed.
- R-Studio showed files in renamed folders as deleted, although they were not. Fixed.
- R-Studio may freeze when opening a RAID created from disk images. Fixed.
- The Logical Sector Size parameters may have appeared twice on the IDE Properties tab. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen when creating an image of a recognized partition. Fixed.
- Files didn't appear in the Find Results panel after they were unmasked if file sorting tabs were switched.
- R-Studio may not have found a file by its exact size. Fixed.
- FAT cross-linked folders may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Zero-sized files could be viewed in the built-in Text/Hexadecimal Editor and file previewer. Fixed.
- The FAT32 bitlocker to go couldn't be recognized. Fixed.
- An image file from a remote computer could not be saved to either the remote computer or local one. Fixed.
- S.M.A.R.T. for Intel NVME devices may have been displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic fixes.

R-Studio for Mac 6.8.6047 Wed Jul 07, 2021
- Disk mount may haven't been working in the version for old Macs. Fixed.
- Check for update didn't work in the Technician version. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.8.6041/6043 Thu Jun 17, 2021
New features:
+ Native support for Apple silicon (the Apple M1 chip) has been added.
+ Support for APFS container layout on the Apple silicon computers has been
+ Several file systems (the main and several reformatted ones) can now be
found on one partition, if their traces remain in the boot records.

* The program interface has been improved for High Sierra and Big Sur macOS.
* APFS file systems and APFS Fusion Drives can be recognized on a pure hard
drive without protective GPT partitions.

- The program may have gone into a loop and frozen at the last stage of partition recognition. Fixed.
- The program may sometimes have frozen when recognizing the file system. Fixed.
- When a partition without a file system on a MBR disk was formatted, the partition divided into a not-equal volume and partition. The were shown as two different objects. Fixed.
- When R-Studio found a direct volume on a flash drive, it didn't search for deleted partitions. Fixed.
- Sometimes email could not be correctly delivered in the Technician version on the Big Sur macOS.

R-Studio for Mac 6.7.6026 Sun Jan 03, 2021
New features:
+ Virtual objects, like virtual RAIDs and regions, can be connected to the system as read-only virtual drives. Such drives are visible in and accessible to the system and other programs. (Technician version)
+ Folders, which are symbolic links to other folders (targets), can be shown as links, without showing the content of the targets. (Technician version)
+ Support for deduplication in the NTFS file system created by Windows Server 2019 has been added.
+ Support for the ReFS file system created by Windows Server 2019, including deduplication, has been added.
+ R-Studio Emergency can now run in 64-bit mode and use all available RAM to recover large hard drives.

* The program now recognizes an APFS partition with an erased main files B-Tree.
* Recognition of NTFS file systems with some wiped parts has been improved.
* Icons have been redesigned for better resizing on HiDPI screens.
* Recognition of fat16/32 folders with small numbers (1-2) of files has been improved.
* Recognition of ext2/3/4 partitions with block sizes <=1024 bytes has been improved.
* Folder links comparison has been added for recognized ext2/3/4 file systems to improve the recognition of very small file systems (1 group/cylinder block) and the quality of recognized partitions.

- The program may have frozen during the opening or scan of some images. Fixed.
- The warning that a mask was applied my have not shown on tab titles. Fixed.
- NTFS file systems with the cluster size of 64k may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Scan info for objects found during the fast scan for lost partitions may have been saved/loaded incorrectly (incorrect parent objects). Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio for Mac 6.6.6017 Wed Oct 28, 2020
New features:
+ Fast search for lost partitions has been added.
+ Support for the ISO9660 file system used in CDs/DVDs/ISO images has been added.
+ Support for the UStar/Tar/CPIO/Pax file systems used in tape storage devices has been added (Technician version).
+ Symbolic links may be hidden on the File Mask dialog box.
+ Symbolic links may be hidden by default on the Settings panel in the Technician version.

* R-Studio warns that a non-default port is selected for remote connection to R-Studio Agent.
* Extended control over file preview has been added. Files can now be marked for recovery, recovered, etc., directly from the built-in File previewer.
* Extended control and display of scanned and unscanned disk areas has been added.
* A special mark has been added for a folder with marked files that are hidden by the applied mask.
* A complete overhaul of symbolic and other links processing has been made.
* An option to recover only marked files matching the applied file mask or all marked files has been added to the Recover dialog box.
* The algorithm that estimates chances for successful file recovery has been improved.
* Interface localizations have been improved.

- R-Studio may have sometimes failed to find NTFS partitions without boot records. Fixed.
- File previewer didn't correctly display filenames with right to left scripts. Fixed.
- Sometimes it was hard to distinguish between font and highlight colors. Fixed.
- R-Studio treated folders with files hidden by an applied mask as empty folders and didn't show them when the Hide empty folders option is selected. Fixed.
- Empty folders may have been incorrectly recovered. Fixed.
- Mark/unmark records from file recovery lists were applied only to files visible after a file mask was applied. Fixed. Now the user is asked to apply the records to all files or only to files visible after a file mask was applied.
- R-Studio may have crashed when the Recover All Files command was started. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen when a shortcut menu was invoked for an incremental image without one part. Fixed.
- R-Studio parsed only the GPT partition table, even when it was invalid, when both LDM/MBR and LDM/GPT were present on the disk. Fixed.
- The Recover marked command was inactive if marked files were invisible due to the applied file mask. Fixed.
- The Copy information command copied the information from the previous file when the information of the selected file didn't exist. Fixed.
- The Expand All command for the folder tree may have frozen on partitions with large numbers of folders. Fixed.
- The number of marked files may have been displayed incorrectly when the view was changed from Real, by Extension, by Time, etc. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio may have crashed during file recovery. Fixed.
- Sometimes the built-in previewer may have frozen when showing damaged files. Fixed.
- Scan time and progress may have been displayed incorrectly while scanning several regions. Fixed.
- Disk scan may have crashed or frozen during the process and an attempt to stop it. Fixed.
- The Rescan the entire disk command may have failed for an already scanned disk. Fixed.
- The Scan dialog didn't size units when it was closed and then opened again. Fixed.
A lot of symlink processing bugs have been fixed, two being worst:
- If there was a symlink to another folder in a place to store recovered files, and there was a folder in the data for recovery which name coincided with that symlink's folder, the recovered data was written to the symlink's folder. That may have resulted in complete loss of files stored in the symlink's folder. Fixed. Now R-Studio saves recovered files only within the path(s) specified for storing recovered files.
- When files were marked and then umarked in a folder that was a symlink, the files in its target were unmarked, too. Fixed.
- Disс information wasn't renewed when the CD was ejected and the Refresh command was executed. Fixed.
- R-Studio tried to access an attached CD/DVD drive during device refresh which may have resulted in temporal freeze. Fixed. Now R-Studio accesses a CD/DVD drive only when it works with it. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have temporally frozen while switching between the Real, Extension, XXX Time views for partitions with many folders. Fixed.
- Many internal bugfixes to improve program's efficiency.
- Some cosmetics bugfixes.
- Hexadecimal editor may have frozen while opening a multi-volume image. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.5.5939/5943 Sat Apr 04, 2020
New features:
+ Deleted partitions can be instantly found, without long scan.
+ Files can be recovered or marked for recovery directly from File previewer.
+ The number of read tries for bad sectors can be changed during a disk

* FAT folders partially damaged within sectors are also enumerated.

- No messages appeared in the log when a scan process was interrupted. Fixed.
- When R-Studio for Mac accessed data inside an already opened part of a multi-part image, a request to open this part may have appeared. Fixed.
- A multi-part image may have been opened incorrectly if the parts were small. Fixed.
- Log information may have been incorrect when recovery was interrupted. Fixed.
- When opening the next in turn part of a multi-part image, it was possible to click the OK button without entering the required file name. The part was lost and no more inquires were issued. Fixed.
- Sometimes the program may have sent a wrong message about not enough space when the image was written to alternative paths. Fixed.
- The Advanced Scan dialog box may have been shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio for Mac may have frozen or crashed while opening file systems. Fixed.
- The best copy of the FAT table for FAT12/16 file systems was determined incorrectly when it was determined sector-wise. Fixed.
- The path dialog box on the remote computer may have delayed for a long time if there were unaccessible connected network drives. Fixed.
- R-Studio for Mac may have found waste copies of GPT partitions if a GPT disk was reformatted to an LDM/MBR disk. Fixed.
- The program may have found some garbage GPT partition entries when those entries were re-written. Fixed. Now R-Studio for Mac checks their validity and cancels invalid records.
- Partitions could not be copied to an HDD with several partition tables (i.g., a GPT table and some deleted ones). Fixed.
- An extended debug file system snapshot could not be saved for disks with unsupported encryption methods. Fixed.
- Several small internal and cosmetic bugs have been fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- The offset field in the GoTo dialog box may have been shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- Strings may have been truncated on the Find Results panel. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.4.5871 Wed Dec 25, 2019
New features:
+ Support for the compression algorithms lzvn and lzfse has been added. They are used in the new HFS+/APFS versions.

- R-Studio may have crashed when creating an ext4 FS metadata image. Or it may have created it slowly. Fixed.
- R-Studio may sometimes have crashed when opening heavily corrupted file systems. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.4.5833 Sat Nov 23, 2019
- R-Studio.app could not be upgraded by dragging it into the Application folder. The previous version had to be moved manually to .Trash and only then the new one could be installed. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed while analyzing damaged Ext4FS file systems. Fixed.
- Sometimes program didn't switch to new alternative paths when it ran out of free space on the selected device. Fixed.
- Data in the Find All in the Text/Hexadecimal editor wasn't fully shown until the mouse was dragged over them. Sometimes the panel may have frozen. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.4.5797 Sat Nov 09, 2019
New Features:
+ Support the APFS file system created by macOS Catalina has been added.
+ Support of the APFS Fusion Drive has been added.
+ Several paths can be immediately specified for multiple-volume images.
+ Automatic recognition and assembly of complex disk manager objects whose components are also various disk manager objects. This may be useful for data recovery from various NAS devices.
Technician version:
+ Alternative paths can be specified for places to store recovered files and images.
+ Post Action options have been added for unattended operations:
. Automatic shutdown once lengthy operations have completed: file recovery, disk scan, and disk imaging. When this option is specified, R-Studio checks that all relevant information (scan info, RAID layouts, etc) has been saved and advanced recovery features specified.
. Automatic email notification regarding operation success/failure.

* Updated macOS driver to mount R-Drive Image type (.rdr) images.
* Search for deleted files has been improved for the Ext2/3/4 and UFS1/UFS2 file systems.
* File system reconstruction has been improved for APFS partitions.
* The Open folder when done option has been added to the Recover dialog box.
* File enumeration speed has been increased by several dozen times for Ext2/3/4 and UFS1/UFS2 partitions.
* Folder scan to improve folder tree reconstruction on recognized Ext2/3/4 and UFS1/UFS2 partitions.
* Ext4fs extent reconstruction for large deleted files even if they are not in the file system journal.
* Network data recovery speed has been increased by several dozen times.
* Text/hexadecimal editor shows the position on partition for resident files on the Ext4, UFS, HFS+, and APFS file systems, and for compressed files on the HFS+ file systems.

- R-Studio may have opened some partitions with large numbers of files for a long time. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed during performing recheck recovery chances. Fixed.
- Volume labels may have been detected incorrectly for UFS1 partitions. Fixed.
- Idle RAID sequences may have appeared when a custom RAID was created. Those sequences could not be deleted. Fixed.
- When an invalid RAID table was applied, the program didn't throw a warning. Fixed.
- An incorrect minimum number of RAID table lines may have appeared for RAID0 and RAID4. Fixed.
- The cursor may have moved incorrectly when editing the RAID table. Fixed.
- Unit fields (TB, GB, MB) in the RAID editor may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes, R-Studio may have selected an incorrect folder for cross-linked files on FAT file systems. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.3.5571 Tue May 21, 2019
New features:
+ Get Info panel has been added to the Content pane. Detailed information about a selected file. Extended file information in the Technician version like disk regions, overlapping files, etc.
+ Advanced options have been added to file recovery lists in the Technician version: specific file system info, overlapping files, disk regions, etc.

* Files in Extra Found Files (raw files) can now be automatically excluded from recovery if they are duplicates of files found in the real file system.
* Support for NTFS cluster sizes from 128KB to 2MB has been added.
* The algorithm for estimation of file recovery probability has been improved.
* Memory usage has been optimized and debugged.
* The Reset button has been added to the RAID Parents tab. It resets RAID parameters to those set by the Apply button.
* LVM processing has been improved.

- R-Studio may have temporally frozen when opening an NTFS partition with many compressed files. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have opened APFS partitions with many files for a long time. Fixed.
- The Find Previous Version of the File command may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Mask presets may have loaded incorrectly. Fixed.
- Date may have changed incorrectly in the File Mask dialog box. Fixed.
- Multiple files that occupy the same sector may have been shown incorrectly in Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- If files were manually unmarked, they could not be marked for recovery using the File/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- Existing files may have been shown as deleted in cross-linked folders on FAT32 partitions. Fixed.
- Some file dates may have been saved to File Mask presets incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed when opening disk images. Fixed.
- The Show Files command in Text/hexadecimal editor may have stopped working if file region enumeration was interrupted by the user. Fixed.
- The Details/Icons view may have switched incorrectly when switching opened partitions. Fixed.
- Units in the Size fields on the Find/Mark dialog box were always reset to Bytes. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen or crashed when the Reopen Drive Files button was quickly clicked several times. Fixed.
- Sometimes mdadm RAIDs could not be automatically assembled from images. Fixed.
- The Apply changes immediately option could be enabled only on the second attempt. Fixed.
- Any changes in fthe Block order table defaulted all other RAID parameters. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen when one LDM disk was disconnected and the Reassemble button was clicked.
- R-Studio may have crashed when Text/Hexadecimal was opened from the Block information window when working with DDI. Fixed.
- Empty sequences were generated in the Sequences window when the Custom RAID type was selected. Those sequences could not be deleted. Fixed.
- The last valid RAID block order table was saved rather than the current invalid table. Fixed.
- The Get Info window showed wrong file info when sorting had been changed. Fixed.
- Clicking an empty space on the Get Info window opened Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- Files remained marked when files were recovered with the Do not recover duplicate files from Extra Found Files option enabled. Fixed.
- Not all information on Overlapping files and Regions when saving file names. Fixed.
- The Find/Mark dialog box didn't preserve selections for the Look At Files/Folders option. Fixed.
- A file and folder may have the same ID on the time/extension sorting tabs. Clicking such object may have resulted in jumping to another object with the same ID. For example, to a file with an ID randomly coinciding with the ID of a folder. Fixed.
- Saving file names for marked files didn't save names for files with links in their paths. Only link name was saved without files in the related folder. Fixed.
- Some small interface and cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.2.5451 Sat Feb 02, 2019
New features:
+ Estimation of chances for successful file recovery
+ Recovery of names and paths for files deleted to Recycle Bin and Trash
+ Support for ReFS 3.4 file system

* A complete redesign of the Find/Mark dialog box.
* The parsing and reconstruction of the FAT32 and NTFS file systems has been improved.
* The parsing of scanned APFS partitions has been improved, especially for large APFS file systems, for which the decrease of parsing time may reach several thousand times.

- The program may have crashed while recovering damaged UFS2.
- It was impossible to mark files using the Find/Mark command if those files had been unmarked manually.
- Time stamps on the Define File Mask dialog box may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Time stamps on the presents on the Define File Mask dialog box may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Values in the Size From field on the Find/Mark dialog box was constantly switching to bytes.
- File previewer didn't work on some Linux distros. Fixed.
- The Find Previous Version of the File command may have not worked. Fixed.
- Large ext4 file systems (60+TB) may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes the program may have crashed or frozen during file enumeration and disk scan. Fixed.
- The program may have written data to network drives incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes file systems on automatically created virtual RAIDs may have been created incorrectly when the RAID parents were disk images. Fixed.
- Some encrypted APFS disks could not be opened. Fixed.
- No files (recovered, scan info, image) could be save to connected network drives or to any place defined as a UNC path (\\server\share\path). Fixed.
- The View/Edit command status (enable/disable) may have been incorrectly set. Fixed.
- Details/Small/Medium/Large Icons button status wasn't preserved during switching between opened file panels. Fixed.
- Program Uninstall wasn't digitally signed. Fixed.
- The Ignore file mask option was working incorrectly. Fixed.
- Some corrections have been made to various localizations.
- Some cosmetic fixes.

R-Studio for Mac 6.1.5347 Mon Oct 15, 2018
- Some encrypted APFS disks could not be opened. Fixed.
- No files (recovered, scan info, image) could be save to connected network drives or to any place defined as a UNC path (\\server\share\path). Fixed.
- The View/Edit command status (enable/disable) may have been incorrectly set. Fixed.
- Details/Small/Medium/Large Icons button status wasn't preserved during switching between opened file panels. Fixed.
- Program Uninstall wasn't digitally signed. Fixed.
- The Ignore file mask option was working incorrectly. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic fixes.
- Some corrections have been made to various localizations.

R-Studio for Mac 6.1.5321 Fri Aug 03, 2018
New features:
+ Support has been added for S.M.A.R.T. attributes for NVME devices.
+ Support has been added for disk S.M.A.R.T. attributes under High Sierra.

* Processing of NTFS $BitMap file has been improved.
* Support has been improved for disks with several previous partition layouts (MBR, GPT, etc.)

- The S.M.A.R.T. panel may have disappeared after disk refresh. Fixed.
- Several bugs have been fixed for icon display.

R-Studio for Mac 6.1 build 5307 Fri Jul 20, 2018
New features:
+ A completely overhauled file previewer which can now show picture tiles and first frames of video files as icons, and supports a large number of video/audio/graphic/document file formats. These files can now be played back without their respective applications installed.

* Processing of APFS file systems has been improved.

- File enumeration on huge APFS file systems may have been slow. Fixed.
- Non-resident symlinks may have been parsed incorrectly on NTFS file systems. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when an advanced mask was used. Fixed.
- The Parents tab may have disappeared when an rdr-compatible image was added to a virtual RAID. Fixed.
- The same text with a different letter case may have been converted to the initial in the Find/Mark dialog box. For example, if the first search was for Alex* and the second one for ALEX*, the latter may have been automatically converted to Alex*. Fixed.
- File mark in a marked folder using the Look in From current folder / Current folder options may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Request to save changes was always thrown in the Edit User's File Types window even when all changes had been canceled. Fixed.
- Mark/Unmark commands may have worked incorrectly for an empty folder selected in the Folders pane. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.0.5231 Thu Jun 14, 2018
- The RAID Parents panel may have disappeared when an rdr image was added to the RAID. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed when a file mask for a selected file was specified. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 6.0.5230 Tue May 29, 2018
New features:
+ Support has been added for APFS (including encryption), a new Apple file system introduced in macOS High Sierra.
+ Direct access to the system disk even when Apple's System Integration Protection is enabled.
+ Compressed images (the R-Drive Image type, .rdi) can now be mounted in the system as virtual devices to make them accessible for other software.

* Folder tree reconstruction has been improved for supported file systems.
* User's known file types immediately become marked upon loading.

- When a Reverse RAID had been created for an object and then deleted, the Delete Reverse RAID command remained active for that object, and the Create Reverse RAID command inactive. Fixed.
- Icons of deleted objects may have remained in the Drives panel. Fixed.
- Sometimes the red highlighting of incorrect values may have flashed even when correct values were entered. Fixed.
- The Find Previous button may have remained active when the search reached the last match. When the button was clicked the last match was highlighted again. Fixed. Now the message that the search is over is thrown.
- The Reload User's File Types button on the Setting/Known File Types tab was active even when there was no user's file types loaded. Fixed.
- If the user's known file types were not saved, all known file types may have become unchecked during disk imaging and simultaneous scanning. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen while working with a remote computer. Fixed.

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R-Studio for Mac: version history Part 2

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Part 2
R-Studio for Mac 5.5.5017 Fri Dec 22, 2017
New features:
+ Support for Windows Storage Spaces created by Windows Fall Creators Update has been added.
+ Components management for various disk and volume managers (LVM, LDM, WSS, AppleRAID, etc.) has been added.
+ Drive auto-refresh can now be enabled/disabled. This feature is useful when a failing drive is connected.

* Processing speed of the NTFS file system has been increased.
* Processing of NTFS $BitMap file has been improved.
* Improved processing of FAT/exFAT partitions.

- Local time zones were not taken into account when comparing file time stamps. Fixed.
- Dependent file types were selected incorrectly. Fixed.
- Files from transacted NTFS systems may have recovered incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Mark command on the Tools menu may have become inactive after manual unmarking. Fixed.
- During program closure removable devices may have been blocked until the process had been finished. Fixed.
- During startup R-Studio requested IDE info from USB disks which resulted in a long delay. Fixed.
- The "Select All" button on the Known File Types tab may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- When recovering files from a remote computer, the Recover Marked command recovered not only marked files in their folder, but all files in all folders up to the device root. Fixed.
- Sometimes folder/file tree on the HFS+ file system may have been re-constructed incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio asked the user if the hidden and/or system file attributes should be removed when such files are set to not be shown in the system. Now this question is always asked regardless of those settings.
- Log message filtering worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Changes in the Advanced section of the Find/Mark dialog box were saved even this section was disabled. Fixed.
- Long text strings might be truncated in the Log pane and some dialog boxes. Fixed.
- The number of files shown in the "Total files searched" field might be incorrect. Fixed.
- Excessive files might be marked in Extra Found Files. Fixed.
- The File Mask dialog box didn't store mask history. Fixed.
- A removed object (a deleted virtual RAID or disconnected USB drive) might remain opened in the Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- The Text/hexadecimal editor remained opened when R-Studio was closed. Fixed.
- Find/Mark dialog box sored some advanced options, even when they were disabled. Fixed.
- "View/Edit..." command was enabled for virtual folders of file types in the Raw Files section. Fixed.
- Log didn't show the results of the "Mark matched files" and "Unmark matched files" commands. Fixed.
- "Total files searched" values in the Find Results panel were incorrect. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.3.4817 Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:23
* Automatic check for new versions
* Improved preview for video files
* Improved preview for pdf files

- several internal fixes

R-Studio for Mac 5.3 build 4792 Tue May 23, 2017
New features:
+ Support for mdadm RAIDs
+ Support for Apple CoreStorage/File Vault/Fusion Drive
+ Automatic recognition of newly connected/disconnected USB devices.

* Improved support for the NTFS log.

- Sometimes, the program might incorrectly scan and enumerate files on recognized NTFS partitions. Fixed.
- Sometimes, the program might incorrectly create an image of a UFS partition. Fixed.
- A right-click on an object on the Drives panel selected it but the Properties panel remained old. Fixed.
- Selections in the Contents panel were discarded when the main menu was activated. Fixed.
- A region size could be edited incorrectly in the Properties panel. Fixed.
- The Drives tree might expand / collapse spontaneously during various actions. Fixed.
- It was possible to change object properties on the Device Property tab during object scan.
- Sometimes the Apply button didn't change actual parameters on the Settings dialog box. Fixed.
- It was possible to change R-Studio settings during disk scan. Fixed. Now only Log settings can be changed from the Log panel.
- Sometimes it was impossible to select sectors in the Offset field in Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.2 build 4717 Tue Mar 07, 2017
New features:
+ Support for the ReFS2+ file system (Windows 2016 Server);
+ Support for NTFS deduplication;
+ New extended duplicate file processing options.

* Improved support for the NTFS log;
* Extended recovery log;
* Improved data copying in Hexadecimal editor;
* A file path can be scrolled and copied in the "File already exists" dialog box.

- Data copy commands might work incorrectly on the Properties tab. Fixed.
- Time zones were not taken into account when sorting files by time, files might appear in the previous day. Fixed.
- File Signature editor incorrectly interpreted hex values. Fixed.
- Some first messages were missed in the log. Fixed.
- Several fixes in recognized FAT partition processing.
- Several fixes in scanning and processing of recognized NTFS partitions.
- Some fixes in image creation of UFS partitions.
- Internal fixes and improvements.

R-Studio for Mac 5.1.4124 Wed Nov 30, 2016
New features:
+ Support for NVME devices.
+ File mask presets.

* Support for Windows Storage Space created by Windows 10 Anniversary update.
* Greatly improved raw file search (data recovery using file signatures):
- better recognition of mp3 and mkv files;
- a special parser for mts, mpeg, flv, and gz files;
- file names from internal tags for pdf, docx, doc files;
- support for time+manufacturer+gps for mov files created by iPhone6 and later models.
* S.M.A.R.T. support for disks storing S.M.A.R.T. threshold data in a non-standard place.
* Files which date are not within the "1970 - the current year" interval are placed to the Invalid Time folder.
* The Find/Mark dialog box is re-invoked in the Advanced mode if it was in that mode last time. It also keeps those last advanced search/marked parameters.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
* A GoTo dialog box can be invoked by clicking the Offset field on the Status bar.
* The cursor position can be copied from the GoTo dialog box.

- The number of marked files and folders wasn't changing while files were being recovered. Fixed.
- Incorrect values when units were changed from Hex to Sectors. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio increased the values for month and day by one during file search and setting a file mask. Fixed.
- The program could hang when a partition was opened with files sorted by time stamps. Fixed.
- The Apply changes immediately checkbox had to be clicked twice to become selected. Fixed.
- Reverse RAIDs could be created incorrectly for virtual RAIDs. Fixed.
- The Copy Text command might copy information incorrectly when files were sorted by timestamps and extensions. Fixed.
- It was impossible to enter HEX data on the Scan dialog box. Fixed.
- Changes to custom known file types were not applied immediately. Fixed.
- Group Description for the user known file types might loose its manual changes when other fields were changed. Fixed.
- The Set for all drives button on the Settings/Bad Sectors tab remained active after it had been clicked and, therefore, the settings had been applied to all drives. Fixed. Now the button becomes active only when some changes for a drive have been made on the Properties tab.
- The scan info might disappear from the Drives view when the scan was stopped and then continued, although it appeared again when the scan was stopped again. Fixed.
- An empty RAID Sequences window remained after its RAID object had been deleted. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugs are fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- Text wasn't scrolled to when the cursor position was changed and data representation was switched to Data or Text. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.1.4050 Fri Jul 15, 2016
* Scrollbars were added to the Parents tab.

- The Group Description field for a user's file type might change to Other Files when its Description or Extension was changed. Fixed.
- Column sorting and arrangements were changed globally when they were changed on one tab. Fixed.
- Disabled legends on panels might appear again when returning to them from other panels. Fixed.
- The All Files on the Find/Mark and Mask dialog box might show some previously entered data. Fixed.
Hexadecimal Editor:
- The Specified offset is out of range message might appear twice when an entered value was more than maximum allowed. Fixed.
- A previously selected template might remain selected when a new selection was made. Fixed.
- Sometimes data editing might not work. Fixed.
- The Bookmark panel might be enabled after editor's restart. Fixed.
- A valid data entered into the GoTo field might be treated as invalid when multipliers (MB, GB, etc) were changed. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.1.3988 Tue Jun 28, 2016
* 4 digits are used for the Year field on the Find/mark and Mask dialog boxes.

- Info about recognized partitions and raw files got lost from the Drives panel when scan was resumed. Fixed.
- The Copy command was active for a zero-size file. Fixed.
- Columns in the Drives pane changed their sizes after disk scan if the pane was small. Fixed.
- The Sequences window remained even after its RAID object had been removed. Fixed.
- A long file name and path were truncated in the Recovery progress and Create FS Snap Shot bars. Fixed. Now they show the beginning of the file path and the end of the file name separated by ... .
- Several cosmetic bugfixes.
For the DDI devices:
- It was impossible to enable the Path column. Fixed.
- It was impossible to enable the Bad Sectors column if it was disabled using the shortcut menu. Fixed.
- The status (enable / disable) and sorting for the Bad sectors and Path columns did not change when the tabs were switched. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.1.3932 Thu Jun 16, 2016
New features:
+ A new data analyzing and recovery kernel that improves data recovery speed and results.
+ Support for compressed files in the HFS+ file system.
+ Processing of the HFS+ and Ext3/4fs journal to increase a number of successfully found files.
+ Support for HFS+, Ext3/4fs, and UFS extended attributes, that improves recovery results for Mac OSX Time Machine and Linux selinux ACL.
+ Processing of UFS soft updates journal to improve data recovery.
+ Text/hexadecimal editor: Search for Not equal string.
+ Symlink recovery options in the Technician version.

* Optimized memory usage during scans of large disks.
* Faster Open Drive Files operation.
* Improved S.M.A.R.T. information monitoring. The overall HDD SMART status is shown using HDD icons in the Drive View.
* R-Studio shows hard links, symbolic links, and their targets using different icons.
* Ranges for the Created / Modified / Accessed timestamps on the Find/Mark and Mask dialog boxes can be set separately.
* Improved folder tree discovery for deleted files on the Ext3/4FS and UFS partitions.
* A regular region can be turned into an exclusive one.
* An exclusive region can be of any size fitting the disk. Previously it could only be equal to the disk size.
* Some information, including a file path, can be copied from the File View panel.
* Debug information can be saved not only in the fss format, but in the rdr format, too. This format includes all file system meta data, but much less in size when a compressed disk image.
* Text/hexadecimal editor: The status bar now shows the cursor offset in the decimal format, too. When it is clicked, a GoTo dialog box appears, from which the offset value can be copied, or a new offset can be specified.
* The scrollbar in the Hexadecimal editor now shows the selected area.
* R-Studio creates a new forensic log file only when the computer configuration has been changed and writes the CaseName/Number/Operator info to the forensic log for each session.

- R-Studio might crash during scan. Fixed.
- Names of several S.M.A.R.T. attributes were corrected.
- Incorrect work of the Select All and Clear All buttons on the Settings -> Known File Type tab. Fixed.
- Incorrect work of the Set as Default and Revert to Default buttons on the Scan -> Known File Type dialog box. Fixed.
- There was no inquiry about creating a new folder when it was specified in the Specify the target folder field. Fixed.
- When a large piece of data was being written to an unlocked disk in the Hexadecimal editor, the Lock Drive message appeared several times. Fixed.
- Selection disappeared when the cursor was moved in the Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- Selection in the Hexadecimal editor was not shown when the Select From command was activated. Fixed.
- Select, copy, and paste did not work in the Find dialog box in the Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.0.3671 Tue Mar 29, 2016
- Sometimes symlinked folders might be recovered incorrectly. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.0.3663 Mar 25, 2016
* Enhanced exclusive region controls.

- Some folders might be lost during recovery of symlinked folders. Fixed.
- The hidden attributes message might appear during Extra Found Files recovery when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were enabled. Fixed.
- Selected Known File Types could be changed only from the Settings tabs.
- Changes in customer's known file types were not applied immediately. Fixed.
- Region parameters were edited and created incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio might start disk scan even when no file system and no known file types were selected.
- The overall progress bar was not always be shown during data recovery. Fixed.
- Dialog boxes drop their values when the value changed from KB to GB
- R-Studio might crashed when saving RAID0 and RAID1E description files. Fixed.
- R-Studio might not load customer's RAID description files. Fixed.
- Parity settings might overwrite the number of rows. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugs were fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.0.3621 Thu Jan 14, 2016
- R-Studio might crash during disk scan. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.0.3613 Tue Jan 12, 2016
* R-Studio now detects PCI device id, in addition to USB device id. It writes them to the system dump.

- R-Studio might incorrectly interpret compressed images for LDM disks. Fixed.
- Some small cosmetic bugs. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 5.0.3606 Tue Jan 05, 2016
New features:
+ A new advanced algorithm for recovering exFAT partitions.
+ A new advanced algorithm for raw file recovery (search for file signatures) with regularly checked and updated file signature database.
+ Support for unsyncronized Windows software RAIDs.
+ Support for Windows Storage Spaces created in Windows 10 Threshold 2.

* RAID layout description files now store actual RAID parents. They can be automatically loaded into the RAID parents from the Drives list.

= A new format for RAID layout description files. The old RAID layout description files are still supported.

- Sometimes R-Studio could not find exFAT partitions during disk scan. Fixed.
- Custom offsets were selected incorrectly during automatic RAID parameter recognition. Fixed.
- When the Apply button became active after some changes in the RAID layout, it was necessary to click twice the Apply changes immediately option to activate it. Fixed.
- It was impossible to select Custom in the Block order option when a RAID layout type was selected. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic and localization bugfixes.

Build-in editor:
- The editor showed incorrect Windows time, DOS time, and Unix time. Fixed.
- Custom templates could not be loaded. Fixed.
- The editor hanged when trying to write something to Sector 0 in an off-line disk. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 4.9.3480 Sat Oct 10, 2015
* Improved Windows Storage Spaces processing: if their parents have time-inconsistent databases, the last valid database is selected.

= Custom RAID layouts are created now a bit differently.

- Sometimes a search for a file operation might result in a program crash. Fixed.
- File search for recursively interlinked files in Directory Junctions might result in an endless cycle. Fixed.
- Sometimes it was impossible to create a custom RAID layout. Fixed.
- Some RAID description files could be loaded incorrectly. Fixed.
- Large Windows Storage Spaces (dozens of TBs) were processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- While checking RAID consistency, R-Studio showed sectors with 0 as consistent data (green), although it should be white. Fixed.
- A large file (within the size of the changes buffer) was loaded from, and saved to, the disk very slowly. Fixed.
- When some changes were made for a virtual RAID, the Apply changes immediately option sets only after a second click. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio for Mac 4.9.3437 Mon Aug 31, 2015
New features:
+ Improved emergency startup for Mac computers.
+ An advanced algorithm for raw file recovery (search for file signatures).
+ The Hex editor extension: A file location is shown in a particular disk sector.
+ Support for Directory Junctions and Symbolic Links.

* Support for storage spaces in windows 10 RTM
* Improved support for NTFS $LogFile
* Improved file recovery from FAT32 disks
* The log data can now be appended to an existing file.
* Now R-Studio shows extra files found by their file signature both in the Raw Files folder and in recognized partitions.
* The file recovery algorithm has been optimized.
* When enumerating files on a FAT partition, R-Studio detects deleted files which cannot be correctly located due to corruptions in file systems made by Windows when it deletes a large number of files. In this case R-Studio throws a warning asking the user to scan the disk to locate those files correctly.
* Improved support for BIOS RAID in R-Studio Emergency and R-Studio Agent Emergency

- Sometimes R-Studio recovered simlinks as separate folders with the same content. Fixed.
- R-Studio might crash when many images were open one after another. Fixed.
- The Load/Save files list command might not work when files were sorted by extension or time stamps. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic fixes for the Settings dialog box.
- Cosmetic fixes for the S.M.A.R.T. tab.
- Slow recovery of many small files (>10,000). Fixed.
- Directory Junctions weren’t showed correctly under Windows. Fixed.
- The Save File Names to File didn’t work on the extension and time sorting tabs. Fixed.
- After the Load File Names command R-Studio switched to the tab from which the file names were saved. Fixed.
- The Add to RAID menu didn’t have scrolling. Fixed.
- R-Studio might not show the overall data recovery progress. Fixed.
- R-Studio sometimes didn’t show correctly progress for some operations like partition opening, imaging. Fixed.
- When working with DDI, the information in the Status: B/C column might disappear when switching the file sorting tabs (extension, times). Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio showed folders deleted from the root folder in Extra Found Files rather than in the root folder. Fixed.
- RAID consistency check once stopped could not be continued. Fixed.
- When recovering Directory Junctions, R-Studio might save files to the Directory Junctions symbolic paths rather than to the recovery path. Fixed.
- The Save File Names command didn’t work from the extension and time stamps tabs. Fixed.
- R-Studio asked to save scaninfo before initial scanning an opened image or loading scan info. Fixed.
- R-Studio attached recognized partitions from an opened dsk disk image to those on the original hard drive. Fixed.
- R-Studio cut text strings in the progress window. Fixed.
- Anytime the Settings were changed R-Studio asked to re-write its log. Fixed.
- The Maximum messages in the Event Log option on the Settings/Log tab didn’t work. Fixed.
- The Apply changes immediately option could be enabled only after the second click after changing parameters on the RAID Parents tab.
Hexadecimal editor:
- The changes buffer might work sloppy for very many changes. Fixed.
- An extra right character was saved to the file when a command Save to Hexadecimal File was performed for a selected area. Fixed.
- The Text/hexadecimal editor sometimes didn’t refresh its status bar. Fixed.
- The cursor might slightly get onto the next character. Fixed.
- Search was conducted over unchanged data if changes in the data had not been saved.
DeepSpar integration:
- When performing the Refresh command on the shortcut menu, R-Studio refreshed the previous DeepSpar disk. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t unmark files after the Clone marked file sectors command had been performed for DeepSpar disks. Fixed.
- The Clone file sectors command didn’t work when files were sorted by extension or timestamps. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 4.8.3262 Sun Feb 22, 2015
New features:
+ Accelerated disk scan for fast-read devices.
+ Search for deleted file versions. R-Studio can search for deleted file versions using their sizes, names and extensions, and recognized file types as the search parameters.

* More reliable and significantly faster recognition of NTFS and FAT partitions.
* Files found using both search for known file types and file record analysis are now shown only in the file/folder structure.
* Improved data selection in the Hexadecimal editor. Now the beginning and end of the area to be selected can be set by the Select from and Select to commands in the shortcut menu.
* Appending data to an existing file in the Hexadecimal editor. A file fragment selected in the editor can be appended to an existing file.
* An external file can be loaded to a selected position in the file opened in the Hexadecimal editor.
* The Hexadecimal editor shows the serial number for the parent hard drive when editing a virtual RAID.
* The Hexadecimal editor shows now a search position together with the progress bar.

- Sometimes scan might freeze. Fixed.
- When a created virtual object like a region, RAID, image, etc, was deleted, its scan info remained somewhere under the root object Local Computer, and no command can be executed upon that info. Fixed, now R-Studio asks to save that scan info before deleting the object.
-When a connection to a remote computer was lost, all open tabs (disks or partitions) from that computer remained in R-Studio. Fixed.
- Incorrect log data for file recovery in the Demo mode: all files were counted as recovered, even they could not recover due to Demo mode restrictions. Fixed.
- Names, Labels, and File Systems were lost for objects in an exclusive region when it was edited. Fixed.
- It was impossible to enter hex values in the offset field in the Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- Somtimes data search didn't work in the Hexadecimal editor, and it was impossible to stop it. Fixed.
- Some settings like a path to the user's known file type file were GUI language-dependent. When the language was changed, they got lost, when the language was changed back, they appeared again. Fixed.
- Sometimes “Error creating system snap shot for...” appeared in the log when a FS Snapshot was created. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 4.7.3158 Tue Dec 02, 2014
New features:
+ Support for Apple software RAIDs created by the OSX system. R-Studio can automatically recognize and assemble them from their members. Members with severe corrupted RAID parameter records can be added manually.
+ Support for Windows Storage Spaces created by Windows 10. Now R-Studio can process WSS created by Windows 8/8.1 and 10, both with automatic recognition and manual adding their parents.
+ Support for Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM/LVM2). R-Studio can automatically recognize and assemble its volumes from their components even if RAID parameter records are slightly damaged. Components with severe corrupted RAID parameter records can be added manually.

R-Studio for Mac 4.6.3073 Fri Oct 03, 2014
New features
+ Support for Windows Storage Spaces. R-Studio can automatically recognize and assemble Windows Storage Spaces from their parents even if their databases are slightly damaged. Their parents with severe corrupted storage pool databases can be added manually.
+ Support for DiskSpare Disk Imager (DDI) images and disk maps. R-Studio can read and process images and disk maps created by standalone DDI hardware.

* When recovering data over network, R-Studio now processes virtual block RAIDs, as other objects, on the remote side, avoiding large data transfers over the network.
* R-Studio Demo can recover files up to 256 KB.
* The scanning stop procedure is improved: scan information can be saved before stopping.

- Sometimes disks with bad sectors might be copied incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes disk scans might freeze. Fixed.
- The progress bar might disappear while finding RAID parameters. Fixed.
- RAID 6 /Vertical Xor RAIDs parameters might display incorrectly. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 4.5.2953 Thu Jul 10, 2014
* Support for Retina high dpi screens.
* R-Studio warns when attempting to connect to an already connected remote computer and blocks such attempt.

- Changing values for Virtual Memory on the Settings/Memory panel resulted in changes for Physical Memory, and vice versa. Fixed.
- The Memory size parameter was incorrectly manually edited on the Settings/Memory panel. Fixed.
- The Create scan information file option on the Create Image dialog box was enabled by default. Fixed.
- Old parameters remained after a new RAID parameter detection. Fixed.
- Negative values might appear in the Detection Rate during RAID parameter detection. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 4.5.2904 Tue Jun 10, 2014
1. Sizes of recognized partitions on virtual RAIDs might be shortened. Fixed.
2. R-Studio might show deleted files/folders which MFT records were occupied with new ones on wrong places. Fixed.
3. Sometimes Detection Rate might might show negative values during RAID parameter detection. Fixed.
4. A default Crash Report filename contained an illegal character :. Fixed.
5. R-Studio didn’t take into account folder’s hard links during file search. (It didn’t show files in hard links). Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 4.5.2842 Thu May 29, 2014
New features:
+ Hardlink recovery for HFS+ and NTFS.

- When auto-detecting RAID parameters, R-Studio not always selected the best variant. Fixed.
- Incorrect symbols in the License Agreement. Fixed.
- Incorrect behavior of the Failed hardlink recovery dialog box. Fixed.
- The Create scan information option was selected by default on the Create Image dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Studio failed to create an image when a new folder was selected. Fixed.
- R-Studio might freeze when attempting to open a file of a multi-file image with some other files moved to another place. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 4.5.2750 Thu Apr 10, 2014
New features:
+ Reverse RAIDS: This technique enables the user to decompose a real disk object into a virtual RAID. Then those components of that reverse RAID can be processed like real objects. They can be viewed, edited, imaged, copied to physical drives, etc. This technique also can re-construct data on the real parents of a virtual RAID, on a missing disk, for example.
+ S.M.A.R.T. attribute monitoring. R-Studio can display S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) attributes for hard drives to show their hardware health and predict their possible failures. Any unnecessary work with such hard drives should be avoided if S.M.A.R.T. warnings appear.
+ New GUI languages added: Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

* Known File Type parsing is improved.
* Support for HFS+ folder hardlinks.

- R-Studio might freeze when analyzing file systems with cyclic cross-links. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t deliver any messages when it didn’t find any offset while detecting RAID parameters. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t send block size of a detected RAID to the RAID parents window. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t warn its user that is was going to overwrite an existing scan info or image file. Fixed.
- The Hexadecimal editor might freeze after an I/O error. Fixed.
- A Check RAID consistency process could not be resumed after a stop unless the RAID was re-created. Fixed.
- It was possible to connect a single remote computer any times, and the same numbers of that remote computer would appear in the Drives panel. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugs.

R-Studio for Mac 4.0.2399 Thu Oct 31, 2013
New features:
+ Automatic RAID parameter recognition. R-Studio can recognize all RAID parameters for RAID 5 and 6. This feature helps the user to solve one of the most difficult problems in RAID recovery - RAID parameter recognition.
+ Support for parity delays in all applicable RAID layouts.

* Enhanced parity delay controls.

- Several connections from the same remote computer were possible. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t warn about losing information on a virtual RAID upon its closure. Fixed.
- Incorrect information about the offset and destination was displayed on the last page in the Drives Copy Wizard during binary copy. Fixed.
- No warning was displayed about an attempt to re-write existing scan info during simultaneous disk scan and image creation. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio for Mac 3.1 Build 1520 May 29, 2013
New features:
+ Support for RAID5 with parity delays often used in HP servers.
+ Support for new RAID levels: RAID10 (1+0), RAID1E, RAID5E, RAID5EE, RAID6E.
+ A new file previewer that supports additional file formats: Adobe Acrobat pdf, Microsoft Office documents doc, xls, ppt (Office 97-2003), docx, xlsx, pptx.
+ Support for ReFS (Resilient File System), a new local file system Microsoft introduced in its Windows 2012 Server.

* Almost all R-Studio's files (images, scan info, logs, etc.) can be saved to and load from, a remote computer.
* R-Studio stores the name and path to the file stored on the remote computer.
* When a file name is stored, R-Studio inserts the line end marks depending on the OS.

- Some bugfixes in localizations.
- Sometimes R-Studio might freeze when enumerating files. Fixed.
- File paths might be stored incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio might save recovered files to its local folder.
- R-Studio might incorrectly create, edit, and process user's Known File Types. Fixed.
- R-Studio might crash when creating a file system snapshot. Fixed.
- The Do you want to remove loaded File Type Definitions right now? message might appear when some settings were changed on the Main tab of the Settings dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Studio might incorrectly load and save RAID description files. Fixed.
- R-Studio might freeze when creating and deleting a virtual RAID object. Fixed.
- During object copy it was sometimes impossible to enlarge / reduce object size. Fixed.
- File Previewer didn’t show non-Latin characters in file names. Fixed.
- Sometimes scan info wasn’t saved together with the image file. Fixed.
- The same image (rdr) could be opened multiple times. Fixed.
- The option Recover real folder structure was active when files were sorted by their real structure. Fixed.
- The command Create Image was active for opened images. Fixed.
- When the contextual menu command Refresh was executed on the first panel, recognized partitions might appear, and they even could be scanned. Fixed.
- The contextual menu command Close All Previews was active when all preview instances were closed using the closed button. Fixed.
- When a file recovery list was loaded, no files were marked for recovery. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when a user's RAID layout file was loaded. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when the RAID layout was set to Custom. Fixed.
- The command Check RAID consistency might be randomly active or inactive for the same RAID layout.
- Incorrect information display on the RAID consistency check window. Fixed.
- The Forensic Log Settings dialog box didn't appear when the Recover All Files command was executed. Fixed.
- R-Studio might show incorrect info about file sizes and number of folders. Fixed.
- R-Studio might show incorrect number of marked files and their sizes. Fixed.
- Elements in a folder marked on the Folders panel weren't marked until mouse was brought to the Contents panel. Fixed.
- R-Studio might assign an incorrect default file extension for a disk image file on a remote computer. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn't mark / unmark files in the Metafiles folder from the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio for Mac 3.0 Build 1448 Jun 16, 2012
New features:
+ Simultaneous image creation and scan. Now R-Studio can create an image and simultaneously scan the data being copied. In this case R-Studio creates two files stored at the same place: an image file and file with the scan info.
+ File Recovery Lists: lists of files found on disks that can be exported out of R-Studio, manually edited, than imported back, and files from those lists will be automatically marked for recovery. Such lists are very useful if you want someone who is far away to decide which files are to recover and which aren’t to.
+ RAID consistency check: you may check whether the parity blocks on a RAID are valid.
+ Image and scan info files may be saved on and load from, remote computers. This helps R-Studio to avoid transferring large data volumes over network during network recovery.

* R-Studio processes HFS and FAT file systems much faster.
* R-Studio processes Known File Types much faster.

- Sometimes, R-Studio might crash during disk scan. Fixed.
- Some bugs in the Region and Exclusive Region dialog boxes are fixed.
- On the Find/Mark and File Mask dialog boxes, it was possible to enter inconsistent data interval into the between field. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 2.6.1419 Dec 30, 2011
* Now it’s possible to edit a disk with 2^63 sectors (previously it was 2^32).
* The appearance of the Connect to Remote dialog box is improved

- It was impossible to open a file without an extension if *.* was selected. Fixed.
- An old language mark remained on the Help -> Change Language menu item when the GUI language had been changed on the Help -> Language menu item. Fixed.
- A long file path and name might not to fit into the Demo limitations dialog box. Fixed.
- Several bugs in the Text/Hexadecimal editor are fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 2.6.1414 Nov 16, 2011
- There was a typo in the support email. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 2.6.1410 Nov 07, 2011
- R-Studio might crash when the Text/hexadecimal editor is started. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 2.6.1404 Nov 03, 2011
- There was a cosmetic bug in the installation package under Lion. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 2.6.1403 Oct 30, 2011
* The GUI language can be changed on-the-fly.
* Explicit specification of any IP address for incoming connections.
* R-Studio now deletes dot and space at the end of the names of recovered files and folders. Windows Explorer and many other programs cannot open such files. They can be opened only if they are opened using their URI (The full path started with //).

- Corrections in the French localization.
- Possible crashes during scan and opening of files.
- Search might not work is some parameters are entered into the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- A bug when the Extension и Description fields were edited in the Edit User's File Types dialog box. Fixed.
- An image file might not be saved on a FAT32 disk if Image split size Fixed on the Create Image dialog box is selected as 4Gb FAT32. Fixed.
- Connect to Remote might not work properly sometimes. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio could freeze while scanning. Fixed.
- Some bugs are fixed in the module loading Known File Types and RAID description files.
- The Wait dialog box could incorrectly show file names during their recovery. Fixed.
- The GUI known file type editor could save several signatures as fffff. Fixed.
- Some small interface bugs.

R-Studio for Mac 2.6 build 1354 Feb 14, 2011
* Parsing of ExtFS is completely re-designed for much better performance.
* Work with FAT is improved.
* Scan is much faster now.

- The progress bar showed the progress only for the current file recovery. Fixed.
- Empty fields on the Connect dialog box can now be correctly handled when waiting a connection from a remote computer.
- The RAID module could crash when some parameters were edited. Fixed.
- Some bugfixes in data representation in Scan info display.
- The pre-viewer could start at the background. Fixed.
- Sometimes duplicate file records were not always deleted. Fixed.
- Nothing could be entered into the Rename and change... filed on the Recover/Advanced dialog box. Fixed.
- Some dialog boxes didn’t show their names. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 2.6 build 1249 Oct 29, 2010
New features:
+ A 64-bit version is added.
+ A connection can be established either from R-Studio to R-Studio Agent, or from R-Studio Agent to R-Studio. This allows R-Studio to traverse NAT/firewall when recovering data over Internet. HTTP tunneling is used when necessary.
+ Improved scanning for NTFS partitions.
+ Improved scanning for FAT partitions.
+ Improved progress bar. It shows the progress for an individual file being recovered and overall recovery process, elapsed and remaining time, and recovery log.

* The graphic representation shows scan results more accurately.
* It is possible to cancel the Open Scan Information operation.
* Depending file types can be enabled and disabled simultaneously with a warning.
* BlockSize on the Properties tab can now be explicitly specified (rather than selected among predefined values).
* Names for more folders can be recovered. Previously they would have received names like $$$FolderXXXX.

- It was impossible to recover any metafile if the Recover metafiles option on the Recovery dialog box was not selected, even when the metafile was specifically marked for recovery. Fixed.
- An incorrect message appeared when creating images. Fixed.
- An incorrect file extension filter was in dialog boxes. Fixed.

R-Studio for Mac 2.0 build 903 Oct 27, 2009
New features:
+ A new scan progress show mode is added: None, were the Scan Information tab is not visible for the object being scanned. This mode can make the scan process faster and more stable.
+ A path to the user's templates for Text/hexadecimal editor is added.
+ R-Studio keeps previous user selections for Known File types when a user loads its own file type definition files.
+ A new and more versatile RAID layout description language is introduced.

* Progress bars show task progresses separately for R-Studio itself and Text/hexadecimal editor.
* If an error appears when R-Studio connects to remote R-Studio agent, the Connect dialog message with the error explaining message appears
* Log now shows image creation time.

= The Find/Mark and Mask dialog box layouts are changed.

- R-Studio now correctly processes chained cross-linked folders.
- The Find command in the Text/hexadecimal editor can now be stopped correctly.
- Some small cosmetic bugs

R-Studio for Mac 2.0 build 887 Sep 29, 2009
New Features:
+ RAID 6 support, including Reed-Solomon and Vertical XOR. Support for custom-specified RAID 6 layouts.
+ Advanced object copy. In addition to byte to byte copy of any object visible in the Drives panel, smart copy of partitions and hard drives with size and offset adjustment is available.
+ Support for exFAT and Ext4fs file systems.
+ The Recover, Mark, Preview items on the contextual menu on the Find Results panel.
+ Tooltips are added to the RAID control.

* The RAID control is refreshed when a RAID preset is loaded to update the offsets.
* The last position of stream bookmarks is stored in Text/hexadecimal Editor.
* User's Known File Types are applied without program restart by specifying a new Known File Types file name or by clicking the Reload… button on the Known File Types tab in R-Studio Preferences.
* The cursor is blinking while editing in Text/hexadecimal editor.
* Default file names are automatically generated for all files, like images, scan info, etc.
* Search parameters are kept in Text/hexadecimal editor
* The Select All and Clear All buttons are added on the Preferences -> Known File Types dialog box.
* The Reset button is added to the Settings panel. This button resets the settings to their initial default.

- Possible bugs in processing very large volumes (4TB+)
- Possible bugs in recovery of large files (+4GB)
- Bugs appearing while recovery file and folder attributes.
- Bugs in the Select dialog box in Text/hexadecimal editor.
- Bugs in Hexview fill in Text/hexadecimal editor
- The Select range dialog box in Text/hexadecimal editor. Correct error messages are added and the error focus is set.
- Hexview scroll and goto bugs.
- Some messages didn't appear in the Log panel.

R-Studio for Mac v1.4: build 649 Jun 10, 2009
+ Several image files can be added from one dialog session

= The Enable Write and Debug Mode options are now in the Settings dialog
= Information representation on scan progress is optimized.

- Problems with storing registration information on PowerPC
- Bugs in bookmark functionality in HexView
- Bugs in template functionality in HexVew
- Scrolling in HexView

R-Studio for Mac v1.3: build 362 Fri Jan 30, 2009
= New dialog box for image creation
= Bookmarks in Hexadecimal Editor are separated for different attributes/streams

- Some small internal and interface bugs

R-Studio for Mac v1.3: build 352 Jan 22, 2009
+ Text descriptions for Simple/Detailed View on the Scan dialog box.
+ Links processing on the text right to the scan area limits input.
+ The Set for all drives button on the Settings → Bad sectors dialog.
+ Jump history in the Hex/Decimal Editor under the Back and Forward buttons.

= Layout of dialog boxes which had the Advanced button (Recover, Find/Mark, File Mask). The Main and Advanced tabs are used instead the Advanced button.
+ Data attribute selection is moved to the toolbar in the Hex/Decimal Editor

- Work under Tiger

R-Studio for Mac v1.3: build 344 Jan 16, 2009
+ Stream editing in Hex/Decimal Editor
- Some problems with registrations
- Some minor bugs

R-Studio for Mac v1.3: build 284 Dec 04, 2008
+ Data recovery over network from a remote computer with R-Agent running
+ Ability to load user-defined signatures for known file types
+ Tabs in FileView to switch between different file sorting (extensions,
Creation/modification/access dates)
+ Editor to create standard and advanced RAID layouts

* A new dialog with all program settings
* Loading/Saving of file types selected by the user
* Enhancements in the RAID editor
* Find all and search is faster
* File view is faster and requires less RAM.

- If the 64KB limitation appeared during file recovery, it was impossible to register
R-Studio for Mac on the fly and recover that file
- The model of search results and search in HexView is corrected
- Bugfixing in the Scan process
- Bugfixing in the log and log file writing subsystems
- Bugfixing in the RAID editor