recovery -folders starting with"0"(zero) from NTFS format

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recovery -folders starting with"0"(zero) from NTFS format

Post by sergio » Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:55 am

I accidently formatted the wrong NTFS drive on server 2008.

I have tried a couple of utilities for recovery and they can recover most of the data except that I had a number of folders beginning with the number 0 and they were unable to recover any of the data in these folders.

Structure of folders was like this:


The drive was 2TB and everytime I run these utilities it takes over 17 hours for the initial scan, so I would like to know the likelihood of success before I commence any recovery scan.

Can R-studio recover the folders and any folders/files in the above folder structure

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Re: recovery -folders starting with"0"(zero) from NTFS forma

Post by Alt » Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:32 am

Were those folders initially present on the disk or they are just some "fake" folders appeared due to the damage to the formatted NTFS partition? And if the former, do you know their content?
I can't say you much about whether R-Studio can or can't recover the folders just because I can't see the data. You may try R-Studio, but the scan will be required and it'll be a very time-consuming. This is the way data recovery software works. If you still decide to give R-Studio a try and it finds the folders, try to open them and see what in there. If there're files in them, try to preview some of them to decide if R-Studio can recover them. If they're empty, try to find the files somewhere else by using R-Studio's search capabilities.

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