Understanding Recognised

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Understanding Recognised

Post by rob82aus » Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:40 pm

Hey Guys.
Just put a HDD into the computer and accidently initalised it not realising that would wipe the MBR table out.
So im using a r studio to help me recover the files but im a bit confused.

Under my HDD I have
Partion 1
Partion 2
Then a green Recognised 5
and a whole lot of orange Recognised

I know Green is the best one to look into to recover files from but just out of curiosity When you have all those orange recognised ones, how do you know which one to select, and what do they mean, there is just so many of them is there a hint to which one to select.

My second question is, that within the green one, its pulling up the correct data struction, however its created about 2 or 3 duplicates within the root drive when it comes up.

This was all caused by me inserting a bootable HDD into my SATA to USB reader to extract data from it, within windows why wouldnt it come up within My computer, but instead ask me to initalize the data there was no questions about asking me to assign a drive letter the only thing that came up was to Initialize it.

Any help would be great. THanks guys.

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Re: Understanding Recognised

Post by Alt » Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:47 am

From R-Studio's on-line help:
To successfully recover files from a recognized partition, it is necessary to find a right one which corresponds to the real logical disk on which the files resided. No strict rules can be applied to that, but the following considerations should be taken into account:
* If you are going to recover files from a disk with a damaged file system, most likely the right recognized partition will be a green one.
* If you are going to recover files from a previously deleted or re-formatted partition, most likely the right recognized partition will be a yellow one.
Also always check the recognized partition's file system, start point, and size. They should be the same for the recognized partition and real logical disk/partition. When in doubt, try to preview a couple of files from the recognized partition. If the files are seen correctly, this is the right partition.

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