Corrupt file recovery of previous version

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Corrupt file recovery of previous version

Post by Verukins » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:22 pm

Hi all,
long time RStudio user - first time ive run into an issue i can seem to get around.

Using win7 offline files/folders - a rather large review document, which had not yet been synced with the corporate network. I deleted a bunch of .tmp files in the directory, after doing so, the word document was 0 bytes big.

So, i took ownership of C:\windows\csc, can browse the file structure etc of offline files.

RStudio during its scans is not picking up any deleted files from this directory - which is odd, as i've normally found RStudio picks up most things. Im looking to recover an older version of the .docx, and/or all the tmp files.

Im using Rstudio 5.4.134259, the volume type is NTFS.

Any suggestions, or do i just have to go back and use the out of date version on the network ?

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Re: Corrupt file recovery of previous version

Post by Alt » Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:43 am

Win 7 deletes files rather strangely, quite often it changes their names, deletes all records from MFT, and so on.
I recommend scanning the disk using Known File Types and see the file among Word documents.

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