R-Undelete 4.5.152110

Questions on file recovery and disk unformat using the R-Undelete program.
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R-Undelete 4.5.152110

Post by R-tt Team » Fri Nov 02, 2012 6:54 am

A new version of R-Undelete is available for download.
New features
+ R-Undelete Home: a free for home user version that recovers files from storage media with the FAT file system without any trial limitations. An ideal solution for photo and video recovery, and recovery of other files stored on SD cards, USB memory sticks, and alike. It also recovers files from NTFS disks with trial limitations. Turns into full-functioning R-Undelete upon registration.
+ A new file previewer that supports additional file formats: Adobe Acrobat pdf, Microsoft Office documents doc, xls, ppt (Office 97-2003), docx, xlsx, pptx.
+ Simultaneous image creation and scan. Now the R-Undelete can create an image and simultaneously scan the data being copied. In this case the program creates two files stored at the same place: an image file and file with the scan info.
+ New, faster, and more robust algorithms for scan for Known File Types and processing the FAT file system. These algorithms are adapted to multi-core architectures and include critical situation processing to prevent the program from freezing and crash.

* Scan of large disks is improved. Now the program can process 2^64 elements rather than 2^32 as in previous versions. This prevents R-Undelete from locking while analyzing disks with huge numbers of files.
* The GUI language can be changed on-the-fly.
* Better file system parsing to eliminate duplicate file records.

- On the Find/Mark and File Mask dialog boxes, it was possible to enter inconsistent data interval into the between field. Fixed,
- Long paths for recovered files were incorrectly displayed in the Wait dialog box. Fixed.
- Corrections in the French localization.
- Search might not work is some parameters are entered into the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- An image file might not be saved on a FAT32 disk if Image split size Fixed on the Create Image dialog box is selected as 4Gb FAT32. Fixed.
- The progress bar showed the progress only for the current file recovery. Fixed.
- Already scanned objects could be shown incorrectly if scan had been interrupted or the disk hadn’t been completely scanned. Fixed.
- The program could sometimes crash while searching for files. Fixed.
- The program could freeze if an empty mask was specified in File view. Fixed.
- Some bugfixes in data representation in Scan info display.
- The pre-viewer could start at the background. Fixed.