What version is right for me.

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What version is right for me.

Post by Guest » Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:38 pm

I am looking to possibly purchase a copy of R-Studio but I see that there are several Windows ranging from $80 to $900. I am looking to do this for personal use and non-server use. What version is right for me?

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Re: What version is right for me.

Post by Alt » Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:38 am

Generally, that depends on how many computers you have. If you have one laptop, for example, the right choice is R-Studio for 79.99. If you have a certain network at you household, say your and your wife's laptops, a media server, and even a desktop system, I'd be thinking about buying a network version.

The main difference is how to handle the case of emergency data recovery from computers that cannot be disassembled to reach their hard drives. A standard way for this job is to use R-Studio Emergency (a free supplement to R-Studio) to start such a computer. But R-Studio Emergency locks only to one computer. For others, there's another way - a network emergency recovery, when the non-starting computer is booted using the R-Studio Agent Emergency and then reached via network. R-Studio Network can recover files directly from the computer running under R-Studio Agent Emergency whereas R-Studio can only create disk images from such computers, which requires additional disk space and time for imaging. So, you have to decide if the price difference between R-Studio Network and R-Studio makes up for the convenience.
You may read more about network data recovery basics in our article R-Studio: Data Recovery over Network.

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