Recovering files after "fixing" hard drive using fdisk

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Recovering files after "fixing" hard drive using fdisk

Post by Jonathan » Sat May 11, 2013 9:43 am


I have a problem recovering files with R-Studio after fixing my external hard drive with fdisk.

Here is what happened:
I was on holiday with hard drive a friend's house and for some unknown reason my external hard drive would no longer work when it was plugged in.
There was an error message telling me to format it.
No wanting to loose all my data by formatting it and not having R-Studio there, I searched for solutions to repair the hard drive without loosing data.

I found some command to use with fdisk that made it possible to read the hard drive when it was plugged in but with one major draw back:
My external hard drive is 3 Tb but now it registers in windows as 746 Gb.
I can see all my files, some are as they should be (nearly 746 Gb worth of files) but others (the rest) contain no data and are 0 bytes in size.
I have not lost everything but a lot of data.

I did not panic as I have R-Studio at home and has already on previous occasions restored lost data for me with past hard drive problems.

But now that I have used R-Studio it also says the files are 0 bytes and if I recover a file it is still 0 bytes in size.

Is there anything I can do to get R-Studio to restore the full files ?
I am considering formatting the hard drive and running R-Studio again hoping this time it finds the files completely, could that work ?

Thank you for any help that can be provided.



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Re: Recovering files after "fixing" hard drive using fdisk

Post by Alt » Wed May 15, 2013 11:24 am

Well, fdisk one of the worst enemy of data. It re-writes the original data on the disk and makes data recovery very hard if even possible if it fails.
First, look what disk size BIOS reports. If it 746 Gb, this is a hardware problem and you should go to a data recovery professional. You won't be able to recover data. If BIOS reports a correct disk size, you should scan the disk and see the results it produces. See R-Studio on-line help Disk Scan for assistance.

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