R-Drive Image 5.1.5102

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R-Drive Image 5.1.5102

Post by R-tt Team » Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:02 pm

A new build of R-Drive Image version is available for download.
* A new kernel 3.9.8 for the startup version.

- The CD/DVD startup verison might sometimes not start under some BIOSes. Fixed.
- Incorrect empty log field processing after saving the log file on a remote computer. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image didn't sometimes insert a default image file name after saving an image file to a remote computer. Fixed.
- It was possible to specify an invalid disk character in a file path. Fixed.
- It was impossible to connect virtual NTFS disks under Windows 2000. Fixed.
- Incorrect processing of multi-file image of a system disk. Fixed.
- It was impossible to disconnect a connected virtual ReFS disk under Windows 2000.
- R-Drive Image didn't show the media size on the OEM System Recovery Media Options panel. Fixed.

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