Clone Confusion

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Clone Confusion

Post by dalpilot » Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:44 pm

I've got 1TB Seagate I'm trying to clone to a 1TB WD HDD both internal. The WD is brand new and both drives show the exact same size in Win7 and R-Studio. The Seagate won't boot anymore. It appears that the OS is corrupted. I've looked at the disk in R-Studio and I can see and preview everything I need to get back. I want to clone the Seagate to the WD and then do a Win7 Repair Install on the clone in hopes of not having to re-install all my applications. Probably won't work, but won't hurt to try either.

The problem is I can't clone the Seagate to the WD from within R-Studio. When I try to create an uncompressed image it tells me there's not enough room on the target disk. Why? They are the same size and the target is empty. If it fits on the source it should fit on the target, right? I don't want a compressed image because WIN7 needs it uncompressed if I'm going to to a repair install. There is no option in R-Studio to do an uncompressed image with empty space collapsed which would result in a smaller clone size.

My solution has been to download R-DriveImage which lets me write an uncompressed image but without all the empty sectors. However, it doesn't appear to directly produce a clone, but rather an image file which has to be restored to a different hard disk to make the clone. I'm running out of discs! The speed of this restoration is SLOW, about 67MB/sec.

I'm guessing I must be missing something. It doesn't seem like it should be this hard to get an actual uncompressed clone out of R-Studio. Can anyone see what I'm missing, or a better way to do this? Thanks.


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Re: Clone Confusion

Post by Alt » Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:04 am

If I understand the situation correctly, you may use Drive Copy wizard in R-Studio (see Object Copy), and the Copy a Disk to a Disk action in R-Drive Image.

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