Access Denied message when scanning a drive

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Access Denied message when scanning a drive

Post by Jeremy » Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:20 pm

Hello, I am trying to help a friend out with recovering her files from her primary laptop hard drive that has crashed. I have the adapter cables to connect it to my laptop and access the drive. first attempt on usb 3.0 connection i got reformat drive warnings. had access to the manufacturer factory restore section without issues but the main section wanted me to reformat the drive because it was bad. I tried to eject the drive and gather more information but it was stuck in a continual ( another program is using this drive) loop. so i pulled the plug on it. after that i was unable to read any information on the drive from the USB 3.0.

I have a ESATA 2 connector on the back of my computer and the cables for the drive. so i plug it in there and intel software tells me there are errors with it and it is at risk. i use the Intel software to mark drive for normal function. then launch R-Studio to try and see what i can do for data retrieval. during the scan for each sector all i get are (read sector failed after 1 attempt. access is denied (5)).

would anyone have any recommendations on what can be done? and what the access denied message means?

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Re: Access Denied message when scanning a drive

Post by Alt » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:46 am

Most likely there're some hardware issues with the disk. The only advice is to go to a reputable data recovery professional. You won't be able to do anything good to the disk, you can only deteriorate the situation.

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