broken RAID10

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Richard Calderwood

broken RAID10

Post by Richard Calderwood » Thu May 21, 2015 11:00 pm

My PC had an SSD as its c: drive, and a 4-disk RAID10 as its d: drive. I installed a new motherboard and CPU, stupidly assuming the RAID10 would just be there. The new machine instead saw a broken RAID0 (of disks 1 and 2), and two unrelated disks (3 and 4). So I reinstalled the old motherboard and CPU. And now the old PC config is also seeing a broken RAID0 (of disks 1 and 2) and two unrelated disks (3 and 4).

Somehow the new motherboard jacked up something (boot blocks??) on those two disks.

What is the safest way to recover using R-Studio??

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Re: broken RAID10

Post by Alt » Fri May 22, 2015 10:52 am

If you have enough spare disk space, you may create the images of the disks using R-Studio, and then create a virtual RAID 10, then try to recover files from it. If there's no spare disk space, you may create a virtual RAID 10 from the real disk.
Here general conception on how to work with RAIDs: RAID Recovery Presentation.
Creating a virtual RAID 10: RAID10 (1+0)
Data recovery using R-Studio: Data Recovery Using R-Studio.
You may do everything with R-Studio in its Demo mode except saving recovered files. So, don't buy R-Studio until you have enough reasons to believe that R-Studio will recover your files.

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