R-Undelete 4.9.159222

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R-Undelete 4.9.159222

Post by R-tt Team » Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:49 pm

A new build of R-Undelete is available for download.
New features:
+ A new advanced algorithm for raw file recovery (search for file signatures).
+ Support for Directory Junctions and Symbolic Links

* Now R-Undelete shows extra files found by their file signature both in the Raw Files folder and in recognized partitions.
* The file recovery algorithm has been optimized.

- When recovering Directory Junctions, R-Undelete might save files to the Directory Junctions symbolic paths rather than to the recovery path. Fixed.
- R-Undelete asked to save scaninfo before initial scanning an opened image or loading scan info. Fixed.
- R-Undelete attached recognized partitions from an opened dsk disk image to those on the original hard drive. Fixed.
- R-Undelete cut text strings in the progress window. Fixed.
- When very many files were recovered, the progress window might be visible for sometimes even when file recovery was completed. Fixed.
- Windows 10 might be incorrectly recognized as Windows 8.1. Fixed.