R-Studio for Linux 3.9.1878

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R-Studio for Linux 3.9.1878

Post by R-tt Team » Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:45 pm

A new build of R-Studio for Linux is available for download.
* The raw file recovery algorithm (search for Known File Types) is seriously improved. The entire file signature database was checked and corrected.
* Improved Windows Storage Spaces processing: if their parents have time-inconsistent databases, the last valid database is selected.

= Custom RAID layouts are created now a bit differently.

- When the Apply button became active after some changes in the RAID layout, it was necessary to click twice the Apply changes immediately option to activate it. Fixed.
- It was impossible to select Custom in the Block order option when a RAID layout type was selected. Fixed.
Sometimes a search for a file operation might result in a program crash. Fixed.
- File search for recursively interlinked files in Directory Junctions might result in an endless cycle. Fixed.
- The system might run out of memory when a system dump was being created for an image of a large (several TBs) disk with hundreds incremental/differential backups. Fixed.
- Sometimes it was impossible to create a custom RAID layout. Fixed.
- Some RAID description files could be loaded incorrectly. Fixed.
- Large Windows Storage Spaces (dozens of TBs) were processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- While checking RAID consistency, R-Studio showed sectors with 0 as consistent data (green), although it should be white. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic and localization bugfixes.