R-Studio Data Recovery only finds hundreds of *.bin files

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R-Studio Data Recovery only finds hundreds of *.bin files

Post by tshann » Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:45 pm

I used R-studio to scan a Linux ext4 partition I have. Yesterday I backed up a folder onto a small ext4 partition (80 gigs). Then for some unknown reason, I looked for the folder and it's gone. I tried R-studio with a deep scan. It finds files, but they are all *.bin files - thousands of them. So are those my files, and if so, how do I get them all back together and ... well use my files. Or is this just telling me that the data is unrecoverable.
It seems the data must still be there because the drive has not been used at all, nothing else has ever been placed on that little partition, except this one folder with about 5 gigs of data. So I'd assume the data would be recoverable, but... all I get is hundreds of files. Some are named $INodeBitmap.001.bin, some are named $InodeTable.001.bin, $SuperBlock.0001.bin, and some are $BlockBitmap.0001.bin. Each category, are often numbered from 0001 to 0625 or so.
So does anyone know what I do with these files, can they be recovered into actual files, or are the original files toast?

Thanks for any insight.


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Re: R-Studio Data Recovery only finds hundreds of *.bin files

Post by Alt » Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:35 am

Most likely, the file system is damaged. You may use search for Known File types (raw file search). See more at http://www.unformat-unerase.com/Unforma ... index.html -> Advanced Data Recovery -> Disk Scan -> Known File Types. They appear on the Extra Found Files in the scan results.

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