Trying To recover Mac "recognized" scans FREEZES recovery

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Trying To recover Mac "recognized" scans FREEZES recovery

Post by MacD » Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:58 pm

I have done a complete scan of an external LaCie 1TB hard drive, and saved the .scn file to another Lacie 3TB Hard drive, that I am using to recover the Lacie 1TB drive to.

The saved .scn file loads fine into R-Studio, using my 2013 iMac (running Mountain Lion 10.8.5), and I can see all the small color blocks, etc (on the right side view window).
When I then go into the LaCie 1TB drive info on the left side of the R-Studio GUI, I see all the "recognized" (many in green), selections that can be recovered.

…. here's where the problems start. When I select any of the "recognized" green listings, a pop-up window shows the progress in loading the file info for that ""recognized" section,
BUT THEN THE LOADING FREEZES, and I always have to "force quit" the iMac, because all I get is a spinning Apple "beach ball" which freezes the whole R-Studio application.

I am getting extremely frustrated in using R-Studio and its "buggy" behavior.

Anyone have any suggestions as to why I am unable to open ANY of the ""recognized" scan results for the 1TB Lacie drive?

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Re: Trying To recover Mac "recognized" scans FREEZES recover

Post by Alt » Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:30 am

How long do you wait before you close R-Studio? It may have more than 15 minutes for R-Studio to parse a file system with a lot of small damages. If the time is longer, please contact our tech support, they'll look into the problem.

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Re: Trying To recover Mac "recognized" scans FREEZES recover

Post by Data-Medics » Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:43 am

Also be sure you have enough RAM in your system. I've had cases where it would just keep crashing out on until I finally saved the scan and moved it over to a system with 16Gb of RAM. Then it opened, just slowly. 32-bit Win doesn't support enough RAM to properly work in all cases. A typical Mac OS drive will have well over 1 Million files. If there's time backups on there, it'll be tens of millions. So it just tends to jam things up unless you have a ton of available RAM.

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