Idiot's Guide Required

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Idiot's Guide Required

Post by akaunu » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:09 pm

I had a 4TB hard drive that accidently had it partition deleted using command line "delpart" and then formatted.
I created an R-Studio image of the 4TB hard drive as well as the scan file ".*.scn" that now reside's on a NAS server with RAID 5.
I am unsure how to progress to recover (Is it really possible ... can I get all my data back ?) all the data on the NAS server back onto the 4TB hard drive.
The 4TB Hard drive is connected to my laptop via a USB 3.0 connection and the R-Studio image image file is accessible via a mapped drive on the same laptop.

I have read the help files but do not seem to be able to understand what I have to do. Any help will be sincerely appreciated.



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Re: Idiot's Guide Required

Post by Corsari » Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:20 pm

It is/was possible to scan directly the image you have created :-)

Mr. Alt will provide you the detailed instructions

Though the basic is to right click on the drive and scan it
If you load/add the image, it will appear in the left pane and it will be exactly as if it was a physical disk.
So exactly as above, you'll right click the image and scan it.

Leave the scan to go over and check the result/s.

If you did a quick delpart and a quick format, all the files are still there.
If after the format process, you have added/written something on that drive, the corresponding size of overwritten data is lost.
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Re: Idiot's Guide Required

Post by Alt » Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:08 pm

If you want to understand how R-Studio recovers files, read this article:File Recovery Basics: How Data Recovery Works.

You did everything right. Now:
1. Load the image file (Images).
2. Load the scan info for that image (Disk Scan).
3. Read this help page: Data Recovery Using R-Studio. Your case is Case 2.

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