R-Studio 8.0.164571

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R-Studio 8.0.164571

Post by R-tt Team » Thu May 26, 2016 1:06 pm

A new build of R-Studio is available for download.
New features:
Text/hexadecimal editor:
+ Search for Not equal string is added.

* R-Studio shows overall HDD SMART status using HDD icons in the Drive View.
* R-Studio shows hard links, symbolic links, and their targets using different icons.
* Faster Open Drive Files operation.
* 4 digits are used for the Year field on the Find/Mark dialog box.
* Scrollbars are added to the Scan Information and Parents tab.
* R-Studio creates a new forensic log file only when the computer configuration has been changed.
* R-Studio writes the CaseName/Number/Operator info to the forensic log for each session.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
* Search for Not equal string is added.
* The Copy command is active only when some data is selected.
* The status bar now shows the cursor offset in the decimal format, too.

= The Metadata file types are made invisible on the Known File Types dialog boxes. They are data on a disk rather than actual files, and have no effect on the search for known file types.

- R-Studio might crash when it tried to open a partition by file extensions or times. Fixed.
- Negative values might appear in input data fields when KB, MB, GB were changed. Fixed.
- A single byte might be pasted incorrectly through the Paste and Load From File commands. Fixed.
- Texts in the status bar might overlap. Fixed.
- Long texts in dialogs might be shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- Known File Types sets in the Settings and Disk Scan dialog boxes might be different. Fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- Reverse Search From current position might start search from the end of file. Fixed.
- Text display and scrolling might work incorrectly. Fixed.

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