R-Studio for Mac 5.1.3932

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R-Studio for Mac 5.1.3932

Post by R-tt Team » Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:20 pm

A new version of R-Studio for Mac is available for download.
New features:
+ A new data analyzing and recovery kernel that improves data recovery speed and results.
+ Support for compressed files in the HFS+ file system.
+ Processing of the HFS+ and Ext3/4fs journal to increase a number of successfully found files.
+ Support for HFS+, Ext3/4fs, and UFS extended attributes, that improves recovery results for Mac OSX Time Machine and Linux selinux ACL.
+ Processing of UFS soft updates journal to improve data recovery.
+ Text/hexadecimal editor: Search for Not equal string.
+ Symlink recovery options in the Technician version.

* Optimized memory usage during scans of large disks.
* Faster Open Drive Files operation.
* Improved S.M.A.R.T. information monitoring. The overall HDD SMART status is shown using HDD icons in the Drive View.
* R-Studio shows hard links, symbolic links, and their targets using different icons.
* Ranges for the Created / Modified / Accessed timestamps on the Find/Mark and Mask dialog boxes can be set separately.
* Improved folder tree discovery for deleted files on the Ext3/4FS and UFS partitions.
* A regular region can be turned into an exclusive one.
* An exclusive region can be of any size fitting the disk. Previously it could only be equal to the disk size.
* Some information, including a file path, can be copied from the File View panel.
* Debug information can be saved not only in the fss format, but in the rdr format, too. This format includes all file system meta data, but much less in size when a compressed disk image.
* Text/hexadecimal editor: The status bar now shows the cursor offset in the decimal format, too. When it is clicked, a GoTo dialog box appears, from which the offset value can be copied, or a new offset can be specified.
* The scrollbar in the Hexadecimal editor now shows the selected area.
* R-Studio creates a new forensic log file only when the computer configuration has been changed and writes the CaseName/Number/Operator info to the forensic log for each session.

- R-Studio might crash during scan. Fixed.
- Names of several S.M.A.R.T. attributes were corrected.
- Incorrect work of the Select All and Clear All buttons on the Settings -> Known File Type tab. Fixed.
- Incorrect work of the Set as Default and Revert to Default buttons on the Scan -> Known File Type dialog box. Fixed.
- There was no inquiry about creating a new folder when it was specified in the Specify the target folder field. Fixed.
- When a large piece of data was being written to an unlocked disk in the Hexadecimal editor, the Lock Drive message appeared several times. Fixed.
- Selection disappeared when the cursor was moved in the Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- Selection in the Hexadecimal editor was not shown when the Select From command was activated. Fixed.
- Select, copy, and paste did not work in the Find dialog box in the Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.