MicroSD card Recovery

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MicroSD card Recovery

Post by bob » Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:31 am


I stumbled onto your website to find (yet another) data recovery solution that may be able to read the contents of a microSD card that I have. The information on it is videos. 2 of them are rather large videos (2 Gig).

So far, this is what I've done to recover them:
Installed multiple software to read the information from RAW to FAT32 (Testdisk, HDD Raw Copy, EaseUS Data recovery Pro, Recuva, etc). I was able to rebuild the structure, but not before I ran CHKDSK (sorry, didn't know how bad that software was before I used it).

Now I have 31 recovered files (CHK), but even after running different programs to modify them to the original file type (using the file header), the videos are still not readable by video applications. Moreover, the files, when looked at in HEX, have all 00's in them, with the exception of the header, when the information is backed up onto a different device from the original device.

A few programs can see the data, and a HEX editor can read that there is data present on the original device, but when I attempt to pull the information off of the SD card, the files come back with 00's.

Your software, when run up to this point, was able to do the best job at identifying the exact replica of the file structure and file creation dates (original time-stamps). However, I won't know until I purchase the software whether it will pull the information off, or whether it will fail like the rest.

Is it worth the risk? Do you believe I can pull the information off the disk despite all other programs failing to pull anything but mostly 00's, especially when CHKDSK has tortured the data?

Thank you.


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Re: MicroSD card Recovery

Post by Alt » Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:44 am

You may try to use R-Undelete. Most likely your MicroSD card is formatted as a FAT device, so you don't have to buy R-Undelete to recover data.
Here the article you may find useful for your case:
Recovery from an External Device with a Damaged File System
And if this card from a video camera:
R-Undelete: HD Video Recovery from SD cards.

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