Execute Batch files before and after a backup job

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Mario Stuck

Execute Batch files before and after a backup job

Post by Mario Stuck » Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:21 am


we are just evaluating the r-drive image and have one last problem: We want to store the images on a network share.

For the moment (we think) it is not possible to set a target on a share (i.e. \\server\sharename) and provide the username and password information. OK, so we tried to map the network to local drive via net use x: \user... This works so far, but we want to execute a batch file before backup will be executed to map (parameter -s-b0=) and execute the unmap batchfile (net use x: \delete).

When we execute t he batchfiles by hand, everything works fine. When set the both files as parameter -s-b0= and -s-b1= the log says: Drive X does not exist.

When executed the map.bat before the backup manually the unmap.bat was executed immediately after starting the backup job. Very strange.

I've tried to set the execute user to system and to the local admin.

Any ideas? Sorry for my english...

Best regards

Mario Stuck