Kudos to the R-TT team

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Kudos to the R-TT team

Post by stephen » Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:37 am

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to post a note to say thanks for the great software...

I had a server that I accidently deleted a whole branch -- thousands of files with gigabytes. On top of that, the server had been active for some 3 weeks after that!

I pulled the drive out, attached it to my laptop, and I couldn't believe my eyes as every file was recovered! Just to check, I had several hundred RARs in all of it; every one checked out clean.

WHEW. What a relief! I had about 6 years of people's emails backed up in there, along with ftp files, etc.

I can sleep tonight :)
I've been wanting to recover that data for about 6 months and came across your site. I tried some other recovery software, and it wasn't as successful (plus the 'other' software was sloooooow).

In addition, i'm really impressed with how easy your software is to use...