RStudio Feature Request: Filter files that match header cont

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RStudio Feature Request: Filter files that match header cont

Post by -BR- » Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:51 pm


I´ve been an R-Studio user for a long time and first I´d like to congratulate R-TT on such a wondefrull software!

I´d like to ask for a feature to be added in the next releases:

To add the possibility of a new filter option
Which would be a check of the file header against the file extension
This filter would allow the user to select (mark) only the files where the header matches the file known extension

For example:
*.JPG must start with JPG header
*.PDF must start with PDF header
*.DOCX must start with DOCX header

I understand it would have to scan each file in the partition and it would take some time to do that.
But I think that it would result in a much better recovery quality, as it would discard a lot of bad files.

Usage example:
Formatted HDD.
Ater full scan, old MFT data is found
But some files were overwritten after format
In such situation, a lot of files would have the correct names, and dates and sizes
But it´s contents would be invalid (trash data) - because it was overwritten.

Applying such filter, instead of saving a lot of trashed data, the user will have the possibility to save only JPG, DOC*, XLS*, *.PDF (and etc) which starts with the correct file header
I think it would reduce a lot the number of bad recovered files.

Thank you

Extra suggestion:

The reverse filter option would also be a nice addition
(To be able to mark only the files that DOES NOT match the file header)

So they can be saved to a separate folder
To try to repair these files manually later
Or create a list of non recovered files