Restore Asustor ADM

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Restore Asustor ADM

Post by docendt » Sun May 07, 2017 1:00 pm

Tell me, is it possible to restore the operating system of the Asustor ADM, accidentally removed from a disk installed in the NAS (the reset button was pressed to the factory settings)?
R-Studio found the folders 'root' and 'Metafiles' on this disk.
In the folder 'root' there are files of type initramfs (1 files), $InodeIndx.xxxxxxx (8), zImage, builtin.tgz, etc. Only $InodeIndx files are deleted (their names are marked with a red X).
In the folder 'Metafiles' - contains files of type $FsReserved (1 file) and several files $ReservedGDT.xxxx.bin, $INodeTable.xxxx.bin and $SuperBlock.xxxx.bin (all files in this folder are not deleted).

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Re: Restore Asustor ADM

Post by Data-Medics » Mon May 08, 2017 9:10 am

It's likely that the NAS is using an XFS file system, which R-Studio doesn't support. That's been on the top of my features request list for a long time. I'll PM you some software recommendations, I don't want to do it publically since this is R-TT's website.

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