R-Stuido 8 "no response " with 8TB*6 RAID6 Volume Scan

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R-Stuido 8 "no response " with 8TB*6 RAID6 Volume Scan

Post by Hiroshi » Thu May 18, 2017 12:09 am

(Sorry, it is translated by google. I'm a Japanese)

I am recovering a file of a single drive of RAID-6 which consists of 8 HDDs of 8 TB.

I just deleted this file, but each file size is from 20 GB to 400 GB.
Considering from the amount of files you want to restore, it will be about 6 TB in total.

This PC (PC - A) is running Windows 10, the system drive is separate from the drive you want to recover.

The work I did for this PC-A is to run the remote agent of R-Studio 8 from the USB memory and scan from another PC (Windows 10: PC-B) with R-Studio 8 installed Did.

In the first operation, we scanned the volume indicated as 43 TB.
This result, after about 9 hours, R-Studio 8 became "no response" and the progress bar is no longer updated.
At this time, "Not Responding" was displayed in the title bar of R-Studio 8, and it seemed that the CPU load did not move while it was 0.
After that, no change was seen even after 24 hours.
Unavoidably, we temporarily terminated R - Studio 8 on PC - B.

In the second work, we changed the size of the scan from 0 TB to 9 TB.
This is because it stopped at the time of 11.36 TB scan in the first work.
Next time, the progress bar stopped at 99%, and the title bar of R - Studio 8 shows "Not Responding".

Is there a limit to the capacity to scan?
Is there any mistake in my operation?

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Re: R-Stuido 8 "no response " with 8TB*6 RAID6 Volume Scan

Post by Alt » Fri May 19, 2017 6:54 am

The limit is only RAM in the computer where R-Studio Agent is running. How much is it?
Did you check the disk SMART status?

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