R-Studio error 801 “Invalid data to decompress” / “Decompression failed”

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R-Studio error 801 “Invalid data to decompress” / “Decompression failed”

Post by abolibibelot » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:18 am


Sometimes during a recovery, a warning appears in R-Studio's log, saying for instance :

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File	06/10/2017	11:30:39	Invalid data to decompress
File	06/10/2017	11:30:39	Decompression failed
Recover	06/10/2017	11:30:39	Recovering file T:\Hitachi1TB vérif\Root\Windows\Prefetch\ReadyBoot\Trace1.fx failed. Can't read file to be recovered completely (801).
What does that mean ? What is there to “decompress” ? Isn't the software supposed to extract whatever data is found at the location specified in the MFT, even if it's empty / corrupted / invalid data ? Or are the files affected by that error indeed compressed / encrypted in some way ?
Sometimes the corresponding files are extracted anyway, but the timestamps are changed to the current time instead of being preserved as when the extraction is done with no error. Sometimes the corresponding files are not extracted at all. (On one particular HDD which I analysed a few months ago, most of the data could not be extracted by R-Studio, which gave thousands of similar warnings. On that occasion, GetDataBack 4.33, which is generally less efficient than R-Studio, could extract many valid files which had been skipped by R-Studio for no apparent reason. I made that analysis out of curiosity, the data on that HDD wasn't important, so I didn't further investigate the issue.)

A Google search with "R-Studio" + "invalid data to decompress" found only three hits on german forums and none of them seems to provide the slightest hint as to what this is actually about.

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Re: R-Studio error 801 “Invalid data to decompress” / “Decompression failed”

Post by Alt » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:44 pm

These errors may appear when R-Studio tries to recover damaged compressed files. That usually happens when the files are (partially) overwritten.

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