R-Undelete 6.2.169776

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R-Undelete 6.2.169776

Post by R-tt Team » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:24 pm

A new build of R-Undelete is available for download.
* Improved processing of NTFS and FAT/exFAT partitions
* Multiple files can be marked simultaneously with a mouse and keyboard.

- When recovered files with the same "access time" were saved to another disk with a file system with a different time accuracy, the discrepancy was not considered. Fixed.
- Long text strings might have been truncated in the Log pane and some dialog boxes. Fixed.
- Some files might have been unwittingly marked in Extra Found Files. Fixed.
- After recovering encrypted files under Windows 8,10 they might have been available only after the file system was re-mounted. Fixed.
- File marks might have appear after a delay. Fixed.
- The full file path was not displayed in the picture viewer. Fixed.
- The file viewer might have shown the docx, xlsx files incorrectly. Fixed.
- Several fixes in the video player module.

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