R-Undelete 6.2.169821

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R-Undelete 6.2.169821

Post by R-tt Team » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:59 am

A new build of R-Undelete is available for download.
= The "Name" checkbox on the "Files" panel was changed to a button.

- Scan info may not always have been saved upon image closing. Fixed.
- When the Custom time mask was selected, the default value "Today" may have not been applied until the mask was switched to and from some other date. Fixed.
- The recovery progress may have been shown incorrectly for large files (app.1GB+). Fixed.
- File type selection may have been lost on the Custom tab after switching to another tab. Fixed.
- Scan position on the progress bar may have been lost when the scan was stopped and then resumed. Fixed.
- Scan for unallocated space may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Two separate unallocated spaces may have been shown as one on the Disks panel. Fixed.
- Navigation and file marking in the picture file viewer may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.

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