R-Linux 5.6.173595

Questions on file recovery and disk unformat using the R-Undelete program.
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R-Linux 5.6.173595

Post by R-tt Team » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:48 am

A new version of free R-Linux for Linux and Windows is available for download.
New features:
+ Estimation of chances for successful file recovery
+ An advanced algorithm for raw file recovery (search for file signatures).
+ Data recovery speed and results are improved by using a new data analyzing and recovery kernel.
+ Support for processing of the file system journal for Ext3/4fs partitions. That increased a number of successfully found files.
+ Support for recovery of extended attributes for Ext3/4fs. That improves recovery of Linux selinux ACL.
+ New extended duplicate file processing options.
+ A completely overhauled file previewer which can now show picture tiles and first frames of video files as icons, and supports a large number of video/audio/graphic/document file formats. These files can now be played back without their respective applications installed.
+ Support for mdadm RAIDs.
+ Components management for the LVM disk manager has been added.
+ Support has been added for S.M.A.R.T. attributes for NVME devices.
+ Search for Not equal string has been added in Text/hexadecimal editor.

* A complete redesign of the Find/Mark dialog box.
* Files found by their file signature are shown both in the Raw Files folder and in recognized partitions.
* Improved discovery of the folder trees for deleted files on Ext3/4FS partitions.
* Some information, including drive names, file paths, names, etc., can be copied from R-Linux panels.
* Memory optimization for large disk scans.
* Improved S.M.A.R.T. information monitoring. Different icons in the Drive View are used to show the overall HDD SMART status.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
* The status bar in Text/hexadecimal editor shows now the cursor offset in the decimal format, too. It can be copied directly from the status bar.
* Improved data copying.

- Large ext4 file systems (60+TB) may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes the program may have crashed or frozen during file enumeration and disk scan. Fixed.
- Local time zones were not taken into account when comparing file time stamps. Fixed.
- Dependent file types were selected incorrectly. Fixed.
- The number of files shown in the "Total files searched" field might be incorrect. Fixed.
- The overall progress bar was not always be shown during data recovery. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic and localization bugfixes.